Spotted: Library with Microsoft Surface

I was just poking around this afternoon and spotted the following video out on Flickr. It's at the Darien Library, a hi-tech library in Connecticut. It looks like they just moved into their new building on Friday. [CORRECTION] They will be moving into their new library in January. Along with what looks like a large pile of Dell computers, they unboxed a Microsoft Surface unit. What I love about this video is how the woman, Kate, plays with the water using her scarf. There's genuine and absolute joy expressed by those "kids".

What would you like to use Microsoft Surface for at your local library if they had one?

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  1. Alan Kirk Gray says:

    This Surface is going into the Children’s Room in the new Darien Library [by the way, we’ve got it in the old library now for some work (it’s the Developer’s version) and will move it over before we open in January.]

    If things go as we think they will, we intend to put Surfaces in the Teens space and in Adult Reference at the new building. Obviously, the character and level of use in each area will differ, but we see as a common thread the increasingly active use of libraries by users who are collaborating together. This looks like one of a number of interesting solutions to meet that need.

  2. Eric Ha says:

    Thanks for the update Alan. Please let us know once you’ve gotten them installed and you’re seeing some use. I’d love to hear your audience’s impressions.

  3. says:

    Fantastic! That’d definitely entice me to go to the library, haha…

    You know what location I think would be perfect for a Surface? Airports. Imagine the flight tracking / Virtual Earth mashup possibilities….

  4. Eric Ha says:

    That would be great. You could also visualize your re-routing possibilities when you have flight changes.

  5. adsaero says:

    Check out the’s Microsoft Surface Flight Tracker… it does exactly what you were looking for 🙂

  6. adsaero says:

    Ooops – forgot the link…. Surface Flight Tracker is at

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