Ken Spencer, Surface, and three questions…

Ken Spencer of Solid Quality Mentors is one of the most respected authorities on Microsoft development technologies and I had the chance to chat with him at PDC to talk about Surface...

Steve Seow: Was PDC 2008 the first time you got a close-up glimpse of the Microsoft Surface? What was the first thing that came to mind when you first saw the technology?

Ken Spencer: I had seen Surface before but never played with it. Seeing it at the PDC gave me a chance to get hands on and see some amazing software. What came to mind is lots of business uses for Surface such as applications to run for customers in the lobby, dealership apps for auto dealers, medical apps, and many more. My brain almost overflowed with potentials.

SS: If you have the SDK installed on your dev box, what is the first application you would build and why?

KS: The first application will be a prototype line of business application to demonstrate to our management and customers. This will be a paradigm changing application that many others will see and it will blow their mind.

SS: You have been advocating and using Microsoft technologies for a long time. Put the potential of Microsoft Surface in your perspective.

KS: I have been promoting Microsoft technologies for about 20 years. I have been an RD for about 14 of those years. Surface is one of those technologies that changes the paradigm of whats possible with computer technology. Its amazing what can be done with Surface in its current form and then to think of other forms such as Surface hanging on a wall at eye level and what we could do with it. Combining WPF and Surface is truly life changing.

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