IdentityMine Surface apps at PDC 2008

While at the PDC 2008 showcase, I stopped by the IdentityMine booth to see what they had cooked up on Microsoft Surface and the touch-enabled Win7. There's a great application they created for the hospitality industry that lets you take photos with a digital camera, and wi-fi sync that with Surface. It uses a wi-fi enabled memory card and can operate with several cameras at once. Then you can take the select photos and move them to a bubble that networks the photos to a Win7 enabled big screen to manipulate them with multi-touch as a slideshow. It was really great stuff.

As a bonus, they were showing off an air hockey game which ran on Win7 and another version on Surface which used physical paddles. Both applications were created using WPF in a very short amount of time.

Here is the footage of Andrew and Meaghan showing the creations..

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