Bryan & Charles

[This is a guest blog post written by Bryan Beatty about one of his PDC experiences.  Bryan is a dev on the SDK team responsible for things such as the SurfaceInkCanvas and TagVisualizer controls.  If you participated in one of our Hands on Labs at PDC, you probably met Bryan and experienced his unparalleled enthusiasm for showing developers around the Surface platform. -Robert]

Mark Hopkins, a writer on the SDK team who knows Mr. Petzold, happened to bring him by the booth while I was there.  I'd like to report that I handled the situation with all due dignity, but in fact I reacted like a total fanboy.  "Ooo!  Ooo!  It's Charles *PETZOLD*!  Dang, I don't have a camera!  Mark!  Mark!  Do you have a camera?  DO YOU?"

Bryan Beatty and Charles Petzold 

The smile you see on Petzold's face is either gratification at meeting a fan, or else a tight frozen grimace of fear that he's just run into a stalker.  ("Who is this guy?  He's here... he's *touching* me... now just stay cool, Charles, we're surrounded by witnesses...")


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