Surface on .NET Rocks

Right after our PDC presentation, Doug and I got whisked away by Carl and Richard from .NET Rocks.  We found an empty room somewhere and chatted for about an hour.  It was a blast talking to them about all sorts of Surface-related topics past, present, and future.  You can listen at -Robert


Developers, developers, developers

Robert just posted with a link to our PDC session. Check it out here. Here’s the next part of my interviews with Vectorform. This time I sit down with just the developers to talk about what it’s like to create applications on Surface. There’s some discussion here about WPF, Expression Blend and the Surface SDK….


Developing for Microsoft Surface

Just a quickOur presentation yesterday went amazingly well.  The video and slides are now online here: I’m off to chat with more developers now!  If you have questions about things from our presentation, please post them here. -Robert


I am here at PDC!

Hey guys. I am here at PDC. There’s a lot of people crowded around the Surface booths. We have a hands on lab and a scavenger hunt which are attracting a lot of attention. Our partners are here too and showing a lot of great apps as well. If you’re at PDC, come check us out. In…


Designers and Developers

I was recently at Vectorform, one of our Microsoft Surface partners. I got a group of designers and developers together to chat about developing for Surface. The video is below. The themes we find here aren’t very different from developing for other Microsoft platforms. The tools like Expression Blend really make it simple for teams to work together developing applications…


Live from PDC

We were here late last night getting all the Surface units setup around the conference center and ensuring A/V stuff will be good for our session.  This morning, we skipped the keynote and took the time to do one last run through of the presentation – we’re feeling really good about it and looking forward…


Surface A/V for PDC

To date, almost all of the public presentations we’ve given about Surface have focused on things from an end user perspective… demos showing the cool apps that our platform enables.  The team has established a solid set of tools & procedures for handling the A/V logistics of those demos.  Plug in a Surface, mount a…


Demos with Loose Cannon Studios

As promised, here’s the follow up to my earlier post. I have two additional videos below. The first is a demo of the applications Joel built as he was learning to develop on Microsoft Surface. The second is a casual game that he created on the platform.



We spend a lot of time thinking about how the unique optical capabilities of Microsoft Surface can be used to create magical experiences with everyday objects.  A couple folks from the Applied Sciences team and the Surface SDK team got together a while ago to prototype one such concept that we call “SurfaceWare”.  Paul Dietz explains the concept really well in…


Vect-O’ Lantern

I just came back from a trip to Detroit to visit our partner Vectorform. You may be familiar with them for their work on the MSNBC election application. These guys have a great studio where they are working on some really incredible applications. There is stuff I just can’t show you yet, BUT, I did…