Surface at The CeBIT

Surface and the team jumped across the pond earlier this week for some demo time at The CeBIT (I don't think it is actually called 'The CeBIT' but I find it funny that some people call it I'm sticking with it) in Hannover, Germany. The CeBIT is the world's largest tradeshow. It puts CES to shame. It's immense.

Steve Ballmer kicked off the show using Surface in a "virtual ribbon cutting" ceremony with dignitaries that included European Commission president Barroso, French president Sarkozy and German chancellor Merkel. Check out this video from someone who attended the invite only affair...

We were part of a VIP section of the Microsoft booth. We've spent the last four days (9 straight hours of demoing each day...whew!!!) showing off Surface to Microsoft partners, German politicians and dignitaries, and media.

Here I am...Herr Warnick getting ready to paint a masterpiece on Der Surface...

Sometimes it was a little crowded. Surface was a huge hit!

Everyone in Germany was soooo nice! Particular the Microsoft Germany team that made us feel very welcome and treated us to cakes and beers before we did anything! Danke schon! We haven't announced international availability just yet but when it does hit Europe, if the past four days were any indication, it's gonna take off there too.

Bis spater,

K Robert Warnick

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