A Matter of Time…

As you might have read by now, C|Net reported that the first Surface units will be in the wild a little later than we originally planned. It’s a slight shift in timing for us, but we think that some of the stuff we’ve been working on is worth a little more wait. This is an entirely new category of technology afterall, so we’re working closely with our partners to develop customized content that suits their business and they are going to deploy when the time is right for them. We expect that to begin in the spring...of course each partner is different and will be on different timelines for broad deployments.


We really do have a lot of things we’d love to be able to show off as soon as possible, things our developers are working hard on, but we also don’t want to overload you guys with too much cool either – and hey, we like it when you pay attention to us for long periods of time, so we’ll spread it out a bit. It does go beyond Pumpkin Carving though: our wicked smart boys and girls in the lab have been working on a wide variety of applications, code and UX that not only push Surface computing to the limit, but will redefine what you can do with a computer. Stay tuned for more cool stuff…


K Robert Warnick


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  1. So there’s a couple of posts on the net ( Engadget , Gizmodo , c|net and even the Surface Blog ) about

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