Surface Computing has arrived and so has our blog

Microsoft Surface 


Welcome to the Microsoft Surface blog. Our first post!


Our plan with this blog is to share the latest and greatest developments within our group, meet our unique team, give you sneak peeks at new features, apps, demos and cool UX interactions. We’ll post pictures, interviews with the team, cool links, and direct you to a host of new web videos showcasing Surface that no one’s ever seen before. Hopefully this becomes your go-to site when you think of Surface, beyond that is.


We’ve pulled together a cross functional team (software, hardware, user experience, marketing and biz dev) to share their unique perspectives as they each work to bring this revolutionary product to market. Over the coming days you’ll get to meet each one of these folks as they post their thoughts on Surface and the opportunity ahead. Then, we’ll see where it goes from there, maybe a couple of posts a week…when we’ve got news or interesting insights to share. Oh...and in addition, we hope to feature guest bloggers now and again, maybe a noted researcher who’s advised our team or a partner that’s getting ready to deploy Surface in their business. Lot's of goodness ahead...



-K Robert Warnick, Sr. Marketing Communications Manager


Comments (10)

  1. Good to see the Surface team start blogging – Surface Computing has arrived and so has our blog Now hurry

  2. rbushway says:

    Great to see you guys blogging. I’ll be following your posts with great interest.

    Rob Bushway

    Tablet PC MVP

  3. Bocale says:

    Nice product, waiting for this long time ago (but at a price that we "final users" can arrange).

  4. vikasgoyal77 says:

    Great Guys.. keep it coming. We all want to see more and more.


    Vikas Goyal – MVP Solutions Architect

  5. HiltonT says:


    Good to see this product is finally getting solidified.  We’ve spoken to a number of our clients about this new "interface" and have a number of clients interested in seeing what these units look and feel like and – depending on the pricing, obviously – deploying them.

    Keep us informed – we’re most definitely interested in Microsoft Surface Computing.

    – HiltonT

  6. Tales from the Microsoft Surface team has 2 entrie on its blog: Surface Computing has arrived and so

  7. aditya121 says:


    i m very much interested  in knowing the technical stuff about surface or surface computing

    where can i find all this information?


  8. parthiban s says:

    Hi ,i am intrested in knowing the software involved to build a simulation to implement new things or application with surface…Where can i get the simulation software and how to build it with my desktop?

  9. Eric Ha says:


    Thanks for your interest in the simulator. The simulation software is part of the Microsoft Surface SDK. The SDK is currently not publically available.

    We are working with a limited number of ISVs and commercial launch partners at this time in order to ensure the best possible end–user experience for applications built on Surface.


  10. stoneageman tog says:

    lets hear about games..  specifially .. eveonline.. and battlefied / call of duty..

    i've also noticed the processor / cameras don't track a moving finger very well..

    any comments apreiciated.. as i wana buy 1

    but maybe i have to wait for version 3.0

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