CES…Here We Come!!

CES is right around the corner and the Surface team is getting ready to show off some new demo experiences. Over the past few weeks (and nights, and weekends, and mornings…ugh) we’ve been dogfooding these demos and making sure everything is tip-top. So, the Super Friends had their Hall of Justice…well, we have the Hall of Surface……


Access Points

  Let’s dive into some design.  Obviously, there’s way too much to cover so I’ll start small and specific and we’ll gradually cover more ground over time.  So, I’ll start with general navigation and a key navigational element we call “Access Points”.   In creating a navigation model for any system, you generally take stock…


Why 52?

As I mentioned a while back, there is theoretically no limit to how many contacts an app can get simultaneous input for.  The official number is “dozens and dozens”, but internally we use 52 to set performance goals for the platform.  In choosing the number to set as our arbitrary v1 benchmark, the team evaluated a…


Sarcastic Gamer Gets Hands-On With Surface

Last week Lono and Doc from Sarcastic Gamer came to our little corner of the world for a behind-the-scenes Surface geekfest. Here they are with Ali, our UX Manager. Now who exactly is Sarcastic Gamer? It’s a great site run by a group of hardcore gamers that happen to be responsible for the most watched viral…



Stepping back a little bit from my previous posts, I’d like to lay out some of the basic terminology you’ll see myself and others using here.   Surface & surface Surface with a big ‘S’ is our product name and refers to the entire hardware+software+services package.  With a little ‘s’, surface refers to the part…


Marrying up ideas and tools and developers

From the first post, I’ve really enjoyed the feedback around what kinds of verticals Microsoft should pursue with Surface.  So many of you have raised your hand for education, which is awesome!  There are some great blogs around experimental and philanthropic educational efforts on technorati that are worthy of exploration. Other responses so far have…


How creating Surface apps is different, part 1

In winter/spring of this year I was asked to do some applications-development training for our internal teams in China and Japan as well as our external partners.  In addition to my own experiences developing Surface apps, I talked with many team members about what they thought future developers should know.  One result of this process…


An Explosion of Possibilities

  I’m a big consumer electronics fan and will use the word “love” when speaking about some of the products I own. In all of those cases I can enthusiastically describe the product and it’s benefits to someone who may get it and get excited about its benefits, but that’s usually where the conversation ends….


Trip Report: Boston Sheraton Surface Event

Last weekend I was asked to go to Boston to help demo Surface at a Sheraton event.  I was a last minute addition to this trip due to an emergency for one of the other demo people.   I wanted to share my experience as well as all the great work being done by our small…


Surface business up and running

  “The future is here right now; it’s just highly distributed.” So quipped my friend Bill Buxton, one of the doyens of surface computing here @ Microsoft.  In a lot of ways, we’re trying to offer a twist on that with Microsoft Surface, our first product in this exciting category.  It represents years of focus…