Recommended for best results when using PIX on Windows:

  • Windows 10 build 15063 (Creators Update, aka RS2) with latest updates
  • 32 GB RAM
  • A Direct3D 12 GPU with the latest available graphics drivers

Minimum requirements:

  • Windows 10 build 10586 (November Update, aka TH2)
  • x64 processor architecture
  • A Direct3D 12 GPU of any feature level

PIX on Windows does not support analyzing x86 or Direct3D 11 applications, and it does not currently support D3D12 apps that make use of 11on12.

If you are running a Windows build earlier than 14393, or have not installed the latest Windows updates as of October 2016, some PIX features will be disabled:

  • Shader debugging
  • Debug layer warnings and GPU validation
  • Start-of-pipeline GPU timestamps (which increase the quality of GPU timing data, and reduce the time required to collect it)

If you are not using the latest graphics drivers, these features may be disabled:

  • Start-of-pipeline GPU timestamps
  • GPU shader instruction disassembly
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