PIX is a performance tuning and debugging tool for Windows and Xbox game developers using DirectX 12.  It provides seven main modes of operation:

  • GPU captures for debugging and analyzing the performance of Direct3D 12 graphics rendering.
  • Timing captures for understanding the performance and threading of all CPU and GPU work carried out by your game, and for tracking GPU memory usage.
  • Function Summary captures accumulate information about how long each function runs for and how often each is called.
  • Callgraph captures trace the execution of a single function.
  • Memory Allocation captures provide insight into the memory allocations made by your game.
  • File IO captures help you identify inefficiencies in your title’s disk IO patterns and package layout.
  • System Monitor displays realtime counter data while a game is running.

Take a look at the requirements, how to get support, and future roadmap, then download PIX here.

To learn how to use PIX, check out the documentation and video channel.

We will update PIX whenever we have worthy new features or bugfixes ready to go.  We want to get improvements into your hands as quickly as possible, so releases will happen as needed rather than waiting for a fixed schedule.  Subscribe to the RSS feed to get updates when new versions of PIX are released.

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