Photo Metadata APIs

Photo Metadata APIs A few months ago, we blogged about how metadata was handled by the Windows Vista Photo Gallery. Since then, a number of technical articles have been posted on MSDN that are related to the concepts we discussed in that blog post. We thought that it would be helpful to add links to…


Photosynth Tech Preview Released

I’m Bryan Ressler, a Software Engineer on the PIX Team. Back in August, I wrote about my work on the Photosynth Tech Preview. We’ve been working hard testing and incorporating feedback from an internal Microsoft deployment. On Thursday, November 9, Live Labs’ head Gary Flake demonstrated Photosynth at the Web 2.0 Conference in San Francisco….


Windows Vista Ships!

You may have heard that Windows Vista officially shipped last week! Last week’s event was what we call ‘release to manufacturing’ (RTM). That means that our work is done, and the code is in the hands of the computer OEMs, who are now working hard to get new Vista systems on the shelves by January…


Importing Photos with Windows Vista

We all know that no one really wants to import.  We want to look at our pictures, enjoy them, share them, maybe even edit and organize them — but not import them.  Importing is just a means to an end, and in Vista we focused on getting you to that end as quickly and painlessly…


Video in Windows Vista

Windows Vista introduces a wealth of new and improved media experiences for users.  The following highlights some key new video features you will find that make sharing your digital memories easier than ever before.    Windows Photo GalleryWhen making a home movie, I like to only include the best photos and videos.  The gallery makes this…


Movie Maker and Speech Recognition in Windows Vista

Michael Patten put together a great video that demos the use of speech recognition in Windows Vista to drive Movie Maker.   Video: Movie Maker I’m also adding a link to Michael’s blog, with more information on Movie Maker on the right  – PIXBlog


Slam Video

And here’s a little Friday treat.  When we originally developed Slam (see last week’s blog post), we made a goofy little video to show people internally how it is used.  Here, for the first time, we make it available to the public.  Speilberg, eat your heart out.


Scoble / Hawk on Photography

This week we came across a great set of videos of (ex-Microsoftie superblogger) Robert Scoble interviewing the photographer Thomas Hawk. Scoble says:  Thomas Hawk shows up at many Silicon Valley geek events and he makes some of the best images I’ve ever seen. This video came about because I wanted to learn more about how…


Introducing Slam

Just between you and me, cameraphones are a pain to use.  How often have you wanted to send a quick snapshot to a group of your friends, but decided not to because of the hassle?  For example, rather than trying to explain that the party is filling up, you just want to send a photo…


Microsoft at Photokina

We’re at Photokina this week meeting with Microsoft’s partners in the imaging community and checking out all of the new equipment that has been announced over the past few weeks.  Photokina is the largest imaging trade show in the world and happens every two years in Cologne, Germany. The show layout is immense, covering 230,000 square…