PIX 1806.20 – GPU Occupancy for AMD GPUs

Today we released PIX 1806.20 which provides GPU Occupancy for AMD GPUs. GPU Occupancy for AMD GPUs provides detailed insight into how shader workloads execute on the GPU. Many thanks to our partners at AMD for helping us enable this great feature in PIX on Windows. While the Execution Duration timeline lane shows the total…

PIX 1806.11 – Fence signals and waits visualization, major UI streamlining, new Edit and Continue experience, and more

Today we released PIX 1806.11 which includes numerous new and updated features: Timing captures now track and visualize fence signals and waits to help you understand synchronization issues. We have updated the WinPixEventRuntime to allow you to name fences to make it easier to locate interesting fences in a capture. Please see the documentation for…

New PIX CPU Profiling Videos

Two new videos have been posted to the PIX for Windows YouTube channel. Both videos highlight the CPU profiling features in PIX timing captures. The first video provides an overview of Timing Captures while the second introduces the Tracked Functions and CPU sampling features.