Tree in the way? No problem!

One of the cool things about panoramic stitching in Windows Live Photo Gallery is that you can use it to shoot around foreground objects.

Here’s an example from the Woodland Park Zoo where branches (and a fence) prevented me from getting a clean shot of two Zebras in a field. However, by repositioning my body for the source images (to shoot around branches) and later stitching the images together, I was able to easily get the image I wanted.

Here’s a diagram of how I shot through the trees:


Here are the three source images with the tree branches highlighted:


Here is the resulting stitch image. No branches! 🙂

2009-02-05 Grant and the Zoo 099 Stitch

To see a few other interesting uses of panoramic stitching, check out this blog post.

– Mike Morrison, Program Manager

Comments (3)

  1. unifex says:

    OK, I might be in a wrong thread, but I have just downloaded WLPG today, found a problem, and looking for a right place to talk about it.

    Why did I download it? I wanted to preview and resize a photo. There simply does not seem to be any suitable tool to perform such a mundane task in Windows 7 beta!

    Now, WLPG does allow one to do that, but only if the file is already part of the gallery. No, wait, not the file, the whole folder, where it is!.

    Please tell me, why there is no simple File->Open menu that would allow one to open a file, preview it, and then if I like the file, to add it to whatever gallery or library, if I choose to have one.  If I double click on a picture file, it will open it, but no resize option would be available and no add to gallery either – only add folder to gallery. Thus using this app basically forces me to put photos in certain folders only, otherwise it’s not useful. Or alternatively, include the whole computer in the gallery. Also rather ridiculous.

  2. Luap777 says:

    Might not be the right place to ask, but is there any API to upload photos to Skydrive other than making a plug-in for WLPG?

  3. anaotero says:


    There is no public API available for SkyDrive so you can’t make a plug-in that talks to SkyDrive.