Tell me more about Windows Live Movie Maker beta

Our very own JP is at it again over on the Windows Live team blog. He just posted a very quick update on Windows Live Movie Maker (Beta). Check his post out: Tell me more about Windows Live Movie Maker beta

Quick snippet from his post:

So, for the beta release of Windows Live Movie Maker a few months ago, we focused on making sure we had these key functionalities running smoothly first:

  • adding digital photos and videos easily
  • making editing commands easier to find with the new Ribbon user interface
  • publishing movies quickly and easily

We know we still have a lot of work to do to get Windows Live Movie Maker ready for final release. We’ve been reading your feedback and comments on the first Windows Live Movie Maker beta post and are working to add more of the features and functionality we hear you asking for. Rest assured, there’s lots more good stuff to come.

– Digital Memories Experience team

Comments (4)

  1. danielgr says:

    Doest WLMM work on Windows XP ?

  2. JAMD456 says:

    I am sorry to say this but Movie Maker was one of my favourite programs when editing videos and creating slideshow dvds

    I am not a fan of the newer streamlined and simple approach to the new movie maker it falls far short of what I want and need from the program.

    This program is the single reason why I may delay an upgrade from Vista to Windows 7, Vista out of the box contains most of the tools I need and use and the rest can quickly be downloaded from the internet Messenger etc., I love the full featured and ease of use the old Movie Maker Provides, (Adding sounds within the timeline, transitions, A timeline) and I more or less got what I desired from the product, Now the newer Movie Maker feels more like an overly simplified program with very little real world applications outside of simple Blog Posting and Youtube posts, A product that was a true evolution of the previous Movie Maker Would have been appreciated (A program which provided many features which ) I am surprised that a company with many high quality pet projects in photography and media could produce a program so underpowered and basic.

  3. Chris-Gonzales says:

    I will have to agree with JAMD456. Movie maker is NOT ready for prime time. Its not even ready for beta, nor alpha. It’s still a rought draft on paper or whiteboard in my eyes.

    Whats worng with time line view? When you EDIT and MAKE (move MAKEr) a movie, you need to see the time so you can edit it CORRECTLY.

    I think you should just bring back time line view, even if it’s a secondary view mode that can be aimed at "advanced users"

    The ribbon UI is fine, just bring back all the great stuff, but enhance it a little.

  4. patewilliam says:

    I agree with all the comments – the product as is will not and I mean NOT be used by the millions of current Movie Maker fans. This is sooooo dissapointing – I had hoped that Movie Maker would go from strength to strength – but alas, looks like it’s not going to be.

    What was everybody thinking? That this is a REALLY good idea? Sorry people, but, if it’s released in its current form, then this is the end of Movie Maker – especially since one now has to download it (It’s not included with Windows).

    A really really wrong turn has been taken – realize it before it’s too late.

    All the best to you and know that with Windows 7, Microsoft has "nailed" it – it Rocks. This Movie Maker does not.