Latest version of Windows Live Photo Gallery fixes publishing issues

We’ve been getting comments from users who’ve had issues uploading to existing albums, being confused about upgrading their albums, or not being able to share their original sized photos. Thanks for your feedback – we’ve fixed these problems! Here are the details:

Not able to see some of your online albums when trying to publish to them?

Don’t worry your albums and photos haven’t disappeared. They appear missing from the list when changes are made to your album (adding a photo, a comment, changing your display picture or your album permissions). Installing the latest version of Photo Gallery corrects this problem!

Only being able to upload 500 photos per month? Not anymore!

One of the great new things about publishing online albums now is that (where your photos are stored on Windows Live) no longer has that space limitation. Now you have 25 GB! For most of us, that’s enough storage for around 8,000 photos.

Selecting the “Optimize for printing” option resizes photos, but you want to share the original size.

In the latest version of Photo Gallery you can select the size you want to upload! Choose a smaller photo size for fast uploads, or if you want to upload the original size (which might take a little longer but might improve the quality of prints) you can – It’s your choice.

Being asked to upgrade your albums?

Photos uploaded through Windows Live Spaces and through the previous versions of Photo Gallery didn’t include cool stuff like ambient background colors on the slide show or the new square thumbnail images, so they need an extra step to make them look as nice as the new ones. Publishing photos with the latest version of Photo Gallery doesn’t require this extra step.

How I know if I have the new version of Photo Gallery or not?

It’s quick and easy to tell by looking at the Publish menu in Photo Gallery. If you see the option to Publish to Windows Live Spaces, you don’t have the latest version installed. You can also check on About Photo Gallery under the Help menu. Check to see if you have version 2009 (Build 14.0.8064.206). Or just install Photo Gallery. The install wizard will let you know if you already have the latest version installed or not.

We love your feedback. Besides commenting here you can ask questions on our public forum or send your feedback and issues directly to us.

– Ana Lilia Otero, Program Manager

Comments (9)

  1. ludwigkeck says:

    Another way to tell the latest version is by the new icon (on desktop and taskbar). It is – well – bland. Ihe cut-sunflower icon was prettier!

  2. ludwigkeck says:

    In Windows Live Photo Gallery in the Extras menu, Pro Phot Tools is listed but will not open. "Error Launching External Application" dialog: "Use Pro Photo Tools was unable to start properly." I have uninstalled Pro Photo Tools, obtained latest version and reinstalled – same problem. Other tools like Photo Synth and Image Composite work fine.

  3. anaotero says:


    The lastest version mantains the cut-flower icon. If you’re seeing something else it’s likely that there was a problem updating the icon suring setup but should be fixed if you remove and add again the shortcut.

    Thanks for reporting the problem with the Pro Photo Tools entry under the tools menu. Is something we’re already aware of and it’s a problem with the integration of Pro Photo Tools so right now that entry point doesn’t work but you should be able to open Pro Photo Tools fine from the start menu.

  4. ludwigkeck says:

    WLPG Icons

    Installing WLPG (update to latest version) resulted in a "funny" icon on desktop – this on a Vista machine. I repeated the installation on a Windows 7 beta machine – it also came up with the same funny icon on the desktop and in the taskbar. A "Send to" – to put a shortcut on desktop – did indeed provide the cut-flower icon. Here is an illustration.

    Note that this happened on two installs – on Vista and on Windows 7. There may be a bug.

  5. anaotero says:

    @ ludwigkeck

    Thanks for providing more details on the issue with the wrong icon being displayed after the installation. It’s indeed a bug during setup and as you noticed the workaround is to recreate the shortcuts.

  6. bgsh says:

    Just reinstalled Windows Live Photo Gallery, and must say I’m dissapointed by the refresh.

    New gallery has a significantly lower quality interface:

    1. why the top controls bar is now blue? That doesn’t correspond to the rest of the window and makes the application look kind of heavy

    2. the control bar at the bottom is a disaster. Too wide. Eats way too much of display real estate, which is important for eg smaller notebook users. Is there a way to hide this thing and bring back the previous version controls?

    Tu sum up, in terms of GUI, the previous version looked much more sleek, clear and consistent. The new one is not a way to go in my opinion.  

  7. bgsh says:

    ok, got it. I installed the 2007 release version.

    JUst to let you know, if you Google "Windows Live Photo Gallery", the first result gives you that old release.

    It would be helpful to include some screenshots on the download page, so you know what you’re downloading without reading too much, which I doubt many users do.

  8. osiedacz says:

    I am wondering why WLPG uses the image title as the caption and doesn’t show the description text at all?  The field that WLPG is using as the caption ends up being the title in pro photo tools and even on flickr when you upload.

  9. unifex says:

    OK, I might be late to this thread, but I have just downloaded WLPG today. Why? I wanted to preview and resize a photo. There simply does not seem to be any suitable tool to perform such a mundane task in Windows 7 beta!

    Now, WLPG does allow one to do that, but only if the file is already part of the gallery. No, wait, not the file, the whole folder, where it is!.

    Please tell me, why there is no simple File->Open menu that would allow one to open a file, preview it, and then if I like the file, to add it to whatever gallery or library, if I choose to have one.  If I double click on a picture file, it will open it, but no resize option would be available and no add to gallery either – only add folder to gallery. Thus using this app basically forces me to put photos in certain folders only, otherwise it’s not useful. Or alternatively, include the whole computer in the gallery. Also rather ridiculous.