Windows Live Essentials is ready to download

From the Windows Live team blog

… today we’re releasing the final version of Windows Live Essentials, our suite of downloadable programs for your Windows PC. You can get Windows Live Essentials, including Messenger, Mail, Photo Gallery, Writer, Toolbar, and Family Safety, all for free from (Windows Live Movie Maker is also available, but remains in beta.)

Check out the great Windows Live Essentials and let us know what you think as always!

– Digital Memories Experience team

Comments (4)

  1. diveatlas says:

    Love the photo gallery, but you need to added automatic face recognition like iPhoto.

  2. jenroth says:

    I would like to edit Media Center wtv files to take out the commercials.  I can open them in Movie Make beta but no sound.

  3. John Trilik says:

    Awesome set of tools for us XP users out there!

    Keep up the great work!

  4. ludwigkeck says:

    The tools are very nice except the Movie Maker beta.

    This is very "thin", and does not offer the features found in Windows Movie Maker (Vista). The clipping feature for both video and sound is essential. Saving in different resolution is also very important. Many cameras now produce HD video. The output should not be limited to just a low-resolution file.

    Hope to see "beta 2" soon!