Our new Photos web service is LIVE!

We’re excited to report that the completely redesigned photos.live.com is up and running!

Here are just a few reasons why you should go check it out:

  • Beautiful new views of your photos, including an amazing Slide show view.
  • 25 GB of FREE storage! That’s a ton of pictures of any resolution plus there’s no more 500-per-month limit on photos.
  • The photo-centric What’s New feed on photos.live.com shows you the photos your friends are sharing.
  • Spaces and SkyDrive photos are now combined, so all of your photos are in one place.
  • Better permissions give you greater control over who can see your photos online.

And that only scratches the surface of the new Windows Live Photos service. In future posts, we’ll take a look at more of the amazing features Photos has to offer. For even more information, read the SkyDrive team’s blog post.

— The web Photos team

Comments (26)

  1. A V says:

    Once I’ve created a new photo album, how do I rearrange or reorder the photos in the album?  I can’t seem to find the "edit album" feature that used to be in there when this was in Spaces.

  2. jaxim says:

    Does this service allow me to set up a password which my friends/family can use to see my photos? The one thing I hate about these kinds of services is that my techno-challenged friends/family have to set up an account in order to view protected photos.

    A password that you share among many people is not a very secure method of showing your photos, but for something like this, it is secure enough. The alternative is that many friends/family members never get to see the photos because they can’t figure out how to set up an account despite how easy some of us may think it is. To the techno-challenged folks, setting up an account is nearly impossible.

  3. DrGerm says:

    OK.. so what’s the easiest way to just upload an entire collection from WLPG (let’s just say it’s an even 25GB)? and… then keep that in sync?

  4. alex s says:

    Hi guys, this is Alex from Microsoft. Thanks for your feedback! Here are some answers to your questions/comments so far:

    A V :

    Hi A V, you are correct.  You can’t reorder the photos in albums like you could in spaces.   We appreciate the feedback and we’ll take it into account as we work on future releases. As a work around you can alter the ‘date taken’ meta data of the photos as that is the default sort order.

    Jaxim :

    Hi Jaxim! You’re definitely right about techno-challenged friends and sharing sites always being a pain. On the one hand, we do our signed in access stuff using Live ID’s, so if they happened to have a Hotmail or Messenger account already they wouldn’t need to sign up for anything new! In case they don’t, we added a “Send a link” link above the thumbnails on each album.  This will send out a special URL that will allow whoever clicks on it to view the album without needing to sign in. This is similar to a shared password idea as you mentioned, with the caveat of being less secure being traded off with the convenience of being able to share your photos easily with who you want to.

    DrGerm :

    In this release we don’t have an automatic way to keep your photos in sync back and forth between online and your local copies. However it’s an interesting idea and we appreciate the feedback.  That said, once the Live Essentials clients are released in the near future you can use Live Photo Gallery to easily upload as many of your photos as you would like! We also have a web side feature to let you download an entire album of photos locally either as a .zip archive or straight to gallery automatically. Hopefully this will cover part of what you would like to do.

  5. royster says:

    Hi WLPG Team,

    Is it possible to use WLPG to upload to a Windows Live Group? I can’t seem to find this option anywhere.


  6. reportered says:


    Since the release of Wave 3 Photos; I have upgraded my online albums.

    However I now find that I can no longer upload to these albums using WLPG beta – is this a bug?

    Also would be even better if you:

    1) Allowed as to upload vidoes too (or closer integration to soapbox)

    2) Integrate Photosynth albums into Windows Live Photos

    3) Integrate Photozoom into Windows Live Photos

  7. alex s says:

    Hi Royster!

    Publishing to a Group’s albums is definitely something you can do in the next version of WLPG, which will be released soon. You’ll also be able to publish to Event albums just as easily.

    — Alex

  8. shinji says:

    Hello guys! Congrats for the great job! The integration with skydrive is very interesting! So.. I’m trying to upload photos to my created albuns but I cant!! My albuns aren’t shown on publish window… What can I do to see the albuns? It’s a bug on Windows Live Photo Gallery? I think this is essential for the success of WLPG and Live Photos!



  9. Shresht1993 says:

    Beautiful slideshows. But why do we get a plain, boring slideshow on WLPG ? I thought Desktop applications were usually better at such stuff.

  10. damaster98 says:

    Nice release! Absolutely loved it. However, just some suggestions that I wish you guys could take on board:

    1. It would be great if the Photos albums in the Groups that I have permission to edit are also displayed in my Windows Live Photos page. It could be placed under a separate heading perhaps titled "Photos in your Groups" to prevent confusion with your own photos.

    2. It would be great if Windows Live Photos has a section/page that shows all the Photos that were tagged of me (similar to Facebook). Otherwise there’s no point in tagging people in Photos when all it does is appear in the "What’s New" feed for a few days and then disappears.

  11. theorbo says:

    Online help states that captions are "always retained" but when uploading from WLPG to my space (skydrive/photos) the captions are nowhere to be found!  What gives!?  

    I’m sure that there is a lot that I don’t understand but it is frustrating when taking one step forward seems to move us backwards in terms of functionality, e.g., no ability to reorder albums, captions, etc.  Hopefully this is just growing pains.  

    Thanks and looking forward to the updates this week.


  12. aasics says:

    Great program.  I’ve been using it for awhile to manage all of my photos, couldn’t ask for a better platform.

    With MSR GroupShot being "expired" are there any plans to incorporate the amazing Group Shot merge, blend abilities into WLPG?  

    If not, do you know of the future of MSR Group Shot?  I found it extremely useful, and was surprised to find that I could no longer use or run it. Especially now that I need it again.

    There was talk of it being released as an Ultimate extra, but that seemed to die as well.  If it’s not going to be released as an "extra" or there are no plans of commercializing it, then can we please have it back?

  13. alex s says:

    Hey guys, thanks so much for your feedback, please find responses to the comments so far below:

    @ Shinji

    When the next version of Live Photo Gallery ships soon, you will see you’re albums as you expect.

    @ Shresht1993

    Thanks for the complement, we are very excited about the new web slideshow and will be thinking about what we can do on the client side to leverage the power there in future releases.

    @ da_master98

    I’m glad you like the new release! Thanks!

    1.  That is an interesting idea. We’ll take that feedback into account when thinking about groups and photos going forward.

    2.  You’re right on this one, you can bet this is a feature we are going to look at. We could only cover so many scenarios in this first release of the web photos stuff and we know we have a lot core scenarios we still need to nail.


    Hi David! I believe your captions woes will be alleviated with the Live Photo Gallery release happening soon. You are correct in noting we weren’t able to implement the reorder albums feature in the new site but we know its something people miss and will definitely consider it for future releases.


    I’m glad you like GroupShot so much! I think it’s a super cool bit of software too. I know that GroupShot hasn’t been incorporated into the version of Photo Gallery that is about to be released shortly (although you can work with Photosynth, which is an even cooler MSR product in my book). I’m afraid our team has no ownership over what happens to the Group Shot feature in the mean time, but I will pass on your feedback to them and we would certainly post it here if something does come to pass between us and GroupShot.

  14. shinji says:

    @alex s Thanks for answering our doubts and to listen our suggestions! Your team is doing a great job, and I’m seeing how community are pleased to put it life in sync!!

    It’s a great job!! []s

  15. aasics says:

    @alex s

    Like shinji, thank you for answering and listening.

  16. usctrojan98 says:

    I LOVE the new service … the slideshows are great and most importantly, my dad and mom were able to get to it without getting confused about sign-in’s and passwords and stuff 🙂

    One question – how do I bulk upload using a mac?

  17. thestoodleys says:

    I love the new photos.live.com, however I have hit a snag when using it.  It seems any album I create in the site does not show up in the list of available sites when trying to publish photos via WLPG.  The way I used to work is I create the album on my spaces page, then use WLPG to do a bulk upload of photos, since I use WLPG to manage my photos.  Now after I create the album on the photos site it does not show up in the list of available albums for my live space.  Any ideas when and if WLPG will be able to publish to albums created after the site redesign?

  18. i.am@vojtechvit.cz says:

    Hi guys! The new photos feature is fantastic! I started using it immediately as I saw it:-) But I also hope you’ll enhance it in future! It has really big potential!

    I’d like to mention few things:

    1. Tagging people on Live Gallery (online) should be able to select coordinates (or area) like in FaceBook – it’s much better in group photos and it may create basis for other features like "cutting faces from photos", "faces recognition" etc.

    2. Upload to Live Gallery from Live Photo Gallery should have more options for setting quality.

    and one more proposal:

    I’m from Czech Republic. We use diacritic letters in our written language and we’d like to have gallery folders named in Czech. However, it generates really weird URLs when doing so (it uses that %xxxxx stuff instead of characters). Can you fix it somehow? For example by converting "č" to "c", "á" to "a" etc. – that is usual practice on Czech (but even many other) websites that have the same problem. It could be also solved simply by being able to specify the folder URL name.

    Thanks for your work! Keep it going!;-)

  19. shinji says:

    Guys! Yesterday I have installed the new beta version and the I saw that albuns issue was gone!! Again.. Great Job!!


  20. torfason says:

    The new WLPG and the photos web site really are amazing. I have two issues, which might or might not simply be my own misunderstanding. Both have to do with picture sizes.

    First, I cannot seem to figure out a way to upload in the original resolution from WLPG. The images always get scaled down to 1600px. I can upload full resolution from the web, and I want my family to be able to download the originals of selected photos.

    The slide show feature, while extremely slick and nice, does not seem to make good use of my screen real estate. I would want a larger portion of the screen used for the picture, with an option for a fully full-screen slide show (like the one I had in live spaces before the update).

    Best regards,


  21. wallyMa says:

    hmm I apparently don’t have an internet connection when it comes to uploading to online/group/event album

    no prob uploading via facebook or flickr..



  22. ptupper says:

    I would like to know if there is a way to save original un-compressed pics. I didn’t realize they were being compressed and lost some originals.



  23. singapore_photographers says:

    Cool! This has been a long time in the waiting!

  24. EricDalnas says:

    why is there only People tagging on photos.live .com? Is there any plan to implement regular keyword tagging?

  25. EricDalnas says:

    people tagging needs some work. I invited someone to my network with an incorrect email address… after tagging them in photos they all showed up as "no name". Then once I corrected it, all the entries stayed "no name"… boo. That feature should be easier to use. If someone wants to block you from tagging them you can just free text their name in there so what’s the point. It just makes it more inconvient to use…..

  26. John Trilik says:

    Thanks for your work! The site is shaping up well.

    One feature that is essential that I use all the time at the other photo hosting websites (Flickr and Webshots) is …

    The ability to generate a URL of the photo at forum frendly sizes (usually max width of 500 pixels)

    Add this feature and I am soooo there.

    Thanks again