New publish plug-ins available for Photo Gallery and Movie Maker!

Do you share photos on Facebook? What about sharing sharing videos on YouTube? Well thanks to Will Duff, one of our developer interns this past summer, there are now a couple of brand new publish plug-ins for Facebook and YouTube available for download.  Both plug-ins enable you to easily share your photos or videos with just a few clicks!

LiveUpload to Facebook is a plug-in for Windows Live Photo Gallery Beta that makes it easy for anyone to upload their photos to Facebook. The plug-in takes advantage of the new people tagging in Photo Gallery, too!  This means that when you tag your friends in Photo Gallery, if you’re also Facebook friends with those people, those tags will automatically appear on the published photos on Facebook. Pretty cool, huh? 

Some of the LiveUpload to Facebook plug-in features:

  • Add multiple Facebook accounts.
  • Quickly and easily upload your photos to Facebook, including any people tags added in Windows Live Photo Gallery Beta.
  • Upload your pictures to an existing album or create a new one.


LiveUpload to YouTube is a plug-in for Windows Live Photo Gallery Beta and Windows Live Movie Maker Beta that makes it easy for anyone to upload their videos straight to YouTube.  For example, once you’ve quickly created that exciting new video using Movie Maker, simply click the Publish button and choose LiveUpload to YouTube to share it!


(Note for developers out there… The people tags, along with other metadata, are exposed as part of the new Publish API. Please see the SDK for more information. Plus, Will was also super kind enough to share his approach with the community by posting the source to both of these plug-ins on CodePlex.)

Finally, don’t forget to let us know if you’ve built your own Photo Gallery or Movie Maker plug-in that you want to share. We’re keeping a list of plug-ins that we know about on our plug-ins download page.

Michael Palermiti, Program Manager

Comments (5)

  1. says:

    The Facebook plug-in is great.  My daughter has been wanting this for a while.  Thank you!

    (I need to see if it will also auto-convert raw files to jpeg when posting, that would be cool.)

  2. pixblog says:

    @ hkickes Cool! Thanks to Mr. Will Duff for making it happen! And, YES! RAWs will be converted to JPEGs at publish time.  Enjoy!

  3. sgaither says:

    It states in the features for Photo Gallery beta that all you need to do is click on Make a Movie but where the heck is that feature??!!

  4. rmercovich says:

    This is a very nice new feature.  I especially like the Facebook and Picasa upload plugins.  Now there just needs to be a plugin for the "Info" button to do something useful, like show the EXIF information.  This would be an amazing plugin!

  5. ssnacks says:

    Both the Facebook and Youtube tools are great.  I wish that the Facebook tool permitted video upload.  I would love to keep my media in one place because crosslinking my Youtube videos to Facebook is a pain.

    Great work!