Give your photos the Black and White treatment!

One of the top feature requests after last year’s release of Windows Live Photo Gallery was for the ability to convert photographs to black and white. We listened, and are happy to introduce this feature to you!

We realize there are some photos that just deserve the extra attention. Those photos, such as those captured on your graduation or wedding day, have their own special content, mood, and colors. We wanted to cater to these differences, and thus built six black and white effects from which to choose from.

Black & white filters use the colors in your original photograph to determine shades (from black through gray to white) in your black & white photograph.  By adding a colored filter to your photograph when converting it to black and white, you can create some dramatic and stunning black and white images.

Try out the yellow and orange filters for your portrait and landscape images. The yellow filter, which darkens blues and greens slightly, works well on landscapes by adding subtle contrast between the sky and the white clouds and between the green tones in foliage. The orange filter, which creates stronger effects than the yellow filter, darkens blues and greens while lightening the yellow, orange and red in an image. This filter provides greater definition to fine details. For example, it differentiates flowers from surrounding foliage and also creates a more striking sky by making the blue sky darker and enhancing the white clouds. To add a dramatic touch to your outdoor images and create strong contrast effects, give the red filter a go. This filter, which significantly darkens blues and greens, causes blue skies to be shown as almost black while making the white clouds pop. This filter is also a good choice to capture fine details in still-life photography. 

Additionally, various effects can be achieved by coloring your B&W image with certain tints. Give your images an antique or aged look with the Sepia tone, or an artistic touch with the Cyan tone.

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First select an image and click on the Fix button in the command bar at the top. This will bring up the image to edit with the Fix pane to its side. To access this feature, click on the Black and white effects button. Converting your image to black and white is simple – just select any of the six effects that are available. Experiment and play around with the different settings provided to find the one that you like best!


Arwa Tyebkhan, Program Manager

Comments (2)

  1. pgsvensk says:

    Should not the background canvas in edit mode be a neutral color, or selectable. The current pale yellow can create a subliminal color cast to the image being viewed. Most professional image editors prefer a shade of grey, or sometimes black, but never a pastel or other distracting color. Just some food for thought.

  2. singapore_photographers says:

    The play with filters may improve contrast but am not sure if it will increase tonal range…which is a different thing