Straighten up!

Have you ever found yourself fumbling for your camera to capture one of those beautiful, yet fleeting moments? Your child’s first steps, your pet’s picture-perfect pose, or the run-in with your favorite celebrity… in those moments, keeping your camera perfectly straight and steady was probably not a very easy feat. 🙂

And don’t forget about those times when Mother Nature makes it just as hard to keep a steady hand… that rocky cruise across the lake, or trying to get the perfect shot of your new puppy before he knocks the camera out of your hand.

Well, help has arrived! Now you can use the straighten photo feature in the new beta version of Windows Live Photo Gallery to correct your crooked images and help make those special photos perfect. Here’s how.

First, select your photo and open the Fix pane by clicking the Fix button in the command bar. To straighten the photo, just click the Straighten photo button in the Fix pane, and that’s it. Your picture will automatically be straightened!

If that doesn’t do the trick (we try, but we can’t get it exactly perfect every time), or you just want to fine-tune your photo, you can use the slider to adjust the angle. Move the slider to the right to rotate the image clockwise or to the left to rotate it counter-clockwise. Also, you can use the grid provided to help align your photo perfectly. When your photo is just the way you want it, click the Apply button. Voilá!

An example of a picture before:


…And right after clicking Straighten photo:


We hope you enjoy this new feature. Happy straightening!

Arwa Tyebkhan, Program Manager

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