Extreme panorama!

Here on the Windows Live Photo Gallery team we love seeing cool panoramic photos that our users create themselves using Photo Gallery.  As you might already know, Photo Gallery includes an awesome panorama stitching feature built into the product.  The technology behind the scenes that enables the feature came straight out of Microsoft Research (MSR).

Well, the MSR team that gave us the stitching engine is now helping with a very cool project.  They recently hooked up with xRez and the staff at Yosemite National Park to work on a panoramic project dubbed the “Yosemite Extreme Panoramic Imaging Project”. 

By “extreme” they really do mean it!  Our friends in MSR wrote about the recent trip to Yosemite on their own blog.  The final panoramic product should be ready sometime in late summer.  Stay tuned to the project page!

While most of us don’t have the time or hardware to shoot 10 Gigapixel panoramas :) you can still create something beautiful with your own camera and Windows Live Photo Gallery in minutes.  Here’s a quick screen cast to show you how:

Video: Live Photo Gallery Panoramic Stitching

Got a gorgeous panorama that you’ve created with Windows Live Photo Gallery?  Drop a link to it in the comments of this post and share it with us!

— DMX team

Comments (9)

  1. SoulSolutions says:

    A few using Live Photo Gallery from Australia – Sydney harbour and Brisbane’s story bridge.


  2. Here one i have done from another one from Brisbane (Australia) from atop the kangaroo point cliff’s.

    Alan Burchill

  3. pixblog says:

    Very nice!  Brisbane is gorgeous at night.  Thanks for sharing!  

    Keep them coming!

  4. Here is one from atop of the Eureka Skydeck in Melbourne.

    Alan Burchill

  5. This one is of my friends house when we were working on his fence. This type of photo would be very usefully when shooting photos for realestate add’s. Saves having to buy a $1000+ wide angle lense.

    Alan Burchill

  6. An extreme stich of the Glass House Mountains on the Sunshine Coast in Australia.

    Alan Burchill

  7. A quiet street in an outback country town in Australia.

    Alan Burchill

  8. pixblog says:

    Alan, those are great panos!  Thanks for sharing!  

  9. cezirkle says:

    Greetings…  here are a set of images take during the Memorial Day Service aboard the USS North Carolina…  5 to 6 images each pano…  1st set is the raw output of WLPG, 2nd is an image edit from MS Digital Pro… last 2 images were made with Panorama Factory V4…  all images made with a D200, 12-24 Nikon lens at 12mm… what I find really interesting, since I make panos all the time, is how WLPG stitched and kept the flags and people looking steady…  most of the time I will get some ghosting at the stitching points…  very, very nice!!!!  I will have to go back and revist some of my other panos and get them re-stitched with WLPG…