ShutterSpeed – Episode #1 is now posted!

ShutterSpeed is a brand new photography show for photo enthusiasts.  In this first episode, Nic Fillingham (host) teams up with a panel of company photography experts: Tim Grey, Bill Crow, and myself.  We got together in Channel 10’s studio to discuss online video storage and photo editing tools. We also get back to basics and talk about the principles of photography and what to look for in a digital camera.  The final segment of the premiere show Nic visits the Seattle studio of Phil Borges, a Microsoft Icon of Imaging


We hope to make ShutterSpeed a regular series on Channel 10. For comments on the program or ideas and suggestions for future episodes please email us at


ShutterSpeed Episode 01

If you want to watch a high res version or download it to your favorite device, you can!  iPod (MP4) | MP3 | PSP (MP4) | WMA | WMV | WMV (High) | Zune

Look for episode 2 coming soon!

– Michael Palermiti (Program Manager)

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  1. wadebeasley says:

    This is great.  Please keep this going.  Lots of good photography tips and tricks.


  2. anony.muos says:

    Why is this blog so quiet? Are you at work on the next version of Live Photo Gallery? Please support a plugin/SDK model for the next version so developers can write effect/import/export/custom actions plugins.

  3. Shresht1993 says:

    Just one suggestion:

    On XP, make the scrollbar the same as the ones used in other Windows Live products.

    That’s it.

  4. sony-alpha says:

    Thank you very much.

    , It’s just what I was looking for!