Make a 3D Photo Tour with Live Search Maps

Last week I created a tutorial showing how to geotag sets of photos (without GPS to boot).  Live Search Maps collections provide a nice way to show where photos were taken and share them online. However, there’s a way to take the geotagging with Live Search Maps a step further and make it more immersive.

Live Search Maps has a 3D viewing mode in the browser, with the use of a downloadable plug-in (it’s pretty lightweight, so it only takes a few minutes to get going). Using the 3D plug-in, I can take the geotagging a step further by not only placing the photograph where I was standing when I took it, but also by placing the camera in 3D to face the same way I was looking when I took the picture. Additionally, by doing this to a bunch of photos in a collection, you can use the “Tour in 3D” collections feature to make an automatic, online, shared video of your travels.

This video shows the steps I go through to orientate the camera to where I took the picture for two of the places I went to. The first, a picture of St. Louis, uses the buildings to find my location. The second uses the mountains in the distance.

To view the collection I created, go to!103. The tour button is seen on the collections page below.

Tour3D (3)

– Tim O’Connor (Software Development Engineer)

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