Make your Windows Live contacts also your Flickr friends

Flickr recently implemented the Windows Live Contacts API in their friend finder. That means in just a couple clicks you can make all your Windows Live contacts Flickr friends too! I’ve used Flickr for a while now as one of my ways to share photos, but throughout that time I’ve only acquired a couple friends on their service. I would add someone if I happened to notice they also shared on Flickr but I never felt compelled to recreate my social network on their site. It just seemed like a bunch of busy work.

Yesterday I saw a couple posts here and here and thought I should go try the Flickr Friend Finder service out. I was amazed that I had over 40 Windows Live contacts using Flickr that I had never known about before. The service also supports gathering your Gmail and Yahoo contacts. So if your one of the many folks out there using the Windows Live Photo Gallery to publish to Flickr I suggest you try out this new Flickr feature. It’s a great use of the Live Contacts API. Well done, Flickr.

John Thornton (Program Manager)

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  1. jamiet says:

    Wow. I found 51. Thanks for that!