Share some photo love, send a photo email!

Windows Live Photo Gallery helps you easily send your favorite photos via email.  To do this simply select the photos you want to send to your family or friends and click the E-mail button on the Photo Gallery command bar.  When you do this Photo Gallery will use the default email program to create an email message with your photos attached.  This is important to know if you, like many people, have more than one program that they use to send email (these programs are referred to as e-mail clients).  Some common clients are Windows Live Mail, Outlook and Outlook Express.  In order to ensure that your photos are sent with the e-mail client you want you will have to make sure that e-mail client is the default program.

Want better looking photo emails than just plain attachments?  Use Windows Live Mail!

When you use Windows Live Mail you can add nice effects to your mail and your photos.  You get layout and picture frame options and the photos are sent in the message and not as an attachment.  So if Windows Live Mail isn’t already your default mail client, you can set it up to be:

1. In Windows Live Mail, open the options dialog.  To do this click on the Show Menu button and choose “Show all menus.”  Once you can see all menus you can select the “Tools” menu and choose “Options.” 


2. In the Options dialog click the “General” tab and click the “Make Default” button and click “OK.”MakeLiveMailDefault

That’s it!  You are ready for a great photo mail experience.

What if you want to use Outlook?

You can use Outlook if you would prefer.  To make Outlook your default email client you need to open the “Options” dialog from the “Tools” menu.  In the “Other” tab you can check the box that says “Make Outlook the default program for E-mail, Contacts and Calendar.”  Please note, sending photos via Outlook will cause the photos to be sent as an attachment.


What if you don’t have an e-mail client and check your mail using Internet Explorer or another web browser?

Currently, the e-mail button will not work for you.  However, if you publish your photos to a Windows Live Space you can use “Send a link” to send a photo mail via your Windows Live account.

We hope you have a great photo sharing experience.  Please let us know if you have questions or other feedback.

– Troy Barnes (SDET)

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