Resizing Photos in Windows Live Photo Gallery

One of the top pieces of feedback we received after the release of the Windows Photo Gallery was that there was no easy way to resize photos.  Well, you asked for it and now you’ve got it in the Windows Live Photo Gallery!  Resizing one or more photos is very simple and takes just a couple of steps.  First, select the photo or photos you want to resize.  Then, go to the File menu and select the “Resize…” option (you can also find the “Resize…” option in the right click context menu).  Once you’ve done this, a simple dialog shows up.

Resize dialog

In choosing a size, you can select a few presets from the drop-down menu or type in your own custom size.  We only ask for one number because we will set the longest side of the photo to that size.  For instance, if you have a landscape being resized down to 600, the horizontal dimension will be 600 pixels wide.  If you have a portrait being resized down to 600, the vertical dimension will be 600 pixels tall.  Basically, when you specify the maximum dimension, you are defining a bounding box.  In the example above, the bounding box is a 600×600 square, and all of your photos will be resized to fit within that square while maintaining their aspect ratio.  Photos will only be sized down, so if the specified dimension is larger than the longest side of the original photo, the photo will not be resized.

Once you’ve picked the size, you can choose a destination folder to save the newly resized photos.  Then, it’s as simple as clicking “Resize and Save” to complete the operation.  All resizing is done using high quality bicubic interpolation and all files are saved as JPEGs.

– Karthik Anbalagan (Program Manager)

Comments (4)

  1. danvy says:


    This is a absolutly needed feature but I think it’s far from perfect actually (In fact I can’t use it most of the time) :

    – The main design problem is that you can only enter one number. Devices available on today’s market have very different screen resolution. Some in portrait mode, some in landscape. I have a digital photo display with 720×480 screen resolution and another 480×234. I have no chance to get the right picture size for my devices.

    – This tool is available in the browser and not in the viewer. it would be usefull to be able to access it from the file menu or the fix pane.

    – Even if the "resize and save with another file name" is great. I’d like to have an option to overwrite the orignial picture with the resized one. Just like when I crop the picture (Another way to "resize")

  2. Photography says:

    Nice features! I am a professional computer user, but there are many situations, when I need a quick photo resizing. This is very useful for everyone!

  3. It is nice to have this feature but I agree with the earlier poster, there should be an option to resize the original.  I will continue using Paint.Net because it conveniently allows me to crop and then resize the original image so I don’t have to manage multiple copies of the same image.

  4. pmbAustin says:

    Would also love to see this available from the "Fix" menu when you have the photo itself opened.

    And even if you can’t enter two numbers, I want to see what both numbers are, so I know the longest dimension will be 1024… what will the shortest be?  And what if I want to set the shortest dimension to be X… that doesn’t seem possible?  I actually want to do that, frequently (i.e. I want an image to be 640 pixels tall, regardless of the width… whether it’s 320 wide or 1024 wide).