The next generation of Windows Live

As you’ve probably heard, the next generation of Windows Live has arrived and its fresh out of the oven without a beta tag!  If you’re the long reading type then take a look at the presspass Q&A available here which provides some great insight.  There is also a Windows Live fact sheet available here which provides lots of details about this week’s release.  This afternoon our team along with the other Windows Live teams celebrated the release at our "ship party" (photo to the right). 

You can now get the new Windows Live at — free!

Overall it’s been an amazing year for our team and we’re proud of the work we’ve accomplished.  First and foremost, we’d like to take this opportunity to thank the private beta testers.  Your help very early on proved to be invaluable to the quality of this release.  We’d also like to thank all of the early adopters of the public beta, readers of this blog that sent us emails and comments, and all of the other customers we heard from (Microsoft employees, too!) that helped us tremendously.  Everyone: THANK YOU!

Here are only a few of the many great customer quotes we’ve seen recently that make all the sweat worth it:

“It is both functional and beautiful to work with.
Needless to say, Live Photo Gallery is icing on the cake – moist, delicious cake. And the cake is not a lie."
– Long Zheng (

“This is really a wonderful thing.  I am so glad that you guys finally filled this huge feature gap and enabled easy publishing.”
– triplegreen (comment on our blog)

“Great update, been using spaces for quite some time now and appreciate the work you all do on it, thanks.”
– Mark (comment on Spaces Team blog)

“Thank you for redesigning the photo module!”
– Ivan Sammy (comment on Spaces Team blog)

"Honestly, I have to admit that Microsoft really stepped up their game with the new Windows Live Photo Gallery by adding support for Flickr."
– Ryan (

“Thank you for listening to users.”
– someone (comment on our blog)

"This (panorama feature) is the kind of technology you’d normally see reserved for higher end, paid for, photo editing programs but now it’s available to everyone."
– Steve Clayton (

“Please keep up the great work – I’d love to be working on a product that’s this good ;-)”
– cjm55 (comment on our blog)

"Thank you!  You just got yourself a Picasa convert."
– kkuphal (comment on our blog)

We’d like to leave you with a few new videos available online…

  • First, check out the really great "Share life as it happens" video on the brand new  This video is a quick but well done overview of how simple Windows Live Photo Gallery + Windows Live Spaces makes it to share your memories with those you care about.
  • Second, the crew at Channel 10 recently came over to our building and interviewed a couple of our team members.  Watch the interview on Channel 10.

Now, go download Windows Live and Share a smile and help us give to Operation Smile!

– pixblog

Comments (10)

  1. jaxim says:

    So I’m guessing we can now uninstall the beta version and install the live version, right?

    There are many features that I still hope Photo Gallery will eventually adopt, which I have suggested during this beta process. What is the possibility that these recommended features will find there way to the live version? Will the Photo Gallery still be routinely updated or should we keep our beta versions so we can continue to routinely test new features?

  2. pixblog says:

    Hi jaxim,

    Yes, I would recommend you go re-run the Installer linked from (or and install the released bits.  It will automatically check for beta versions and reinstall the full released versions.  You should have build 12.0.1308.1023 of Windows Live Photo Gallery after the install.  Keeping the beta bits on your machine will not provide any benefit and in fact, after some time it will expire.

    Regarding your second point… Thank you very much for your feedback during the beta and know that we take all of the feedback very seriously.  We aren’t going anywhere and we have captured all of the suggestions we got from beta testers like yourself.  We are already planning the updates and next release so rest assured we’re on it!  



  3. A V says:

    What happened to the ability to resize photos being attached to an email when using Windows Live Mail & Live Photo Gallery? Seems the default behavior is to create a photo-email. Even when disabling "Upload larger images to the Web when sending a photo e-mail" in Live Mail the ability to resize the photo isn’t offered, instead, the original (large) photos are attached. I can resize when an alternate email client is set as the default, but not with Live Mail. It works properly in the original Vista Photo Gallery with Live Mail, but not Live Photo Gallery. Bug or feature?

  4. Lorencm20 says:

    Hey guys,

    First of all congrats on getting the program out of beta. It is a wonderful application and I use it every day.

    However I wanted to report a bug that was not present in the beta, strangely enough. I have my photos/videos on an external HD and added that folder to the gallery. Everything was working fine on the last 2 beta versions. Now, however, the application completely crashes when I have the HD linked and I load the application. It works fine afterwards, as in I can access the files I have stored there if I load the application first and then attach/turn on the HD. I was wondering if anyone else has had this same problem with the final release.

    I’ve tried multiple ways to fix it (uninstall/reinstall, restart computer etc), but nothing has worked. I know it’s specifically related to the HD being present at the time of the load, because the application does not crash when it is not. Also it does not crash when I remove those folders and load the application with the Hd linked.

    I think I has something to do with what the application does when it first loads (i.e. searches/refreshes links).

    I would appreciate any help or advice on the matter. I’ve already reported it through the error reporting system.

    Thanks again.

    P.S. Version 12.0.1308.1023

  5. anony.muos says:

    One minor thing you can fix which is only when Photo Gallery is running on Windows XP is that it does not follow Fitt’s law..i.e. users have to accurately position their mouse over the orb to double click it and close or accurately position the mouse over the red cross (close button) to close Photo Gallery. All other Windows Live apps follow Fitt’s law on XP. What’s more, on Vista, Photo Gallery behaves correctly. Please fix this minor annoyance. And it still skips over certain file extensions for which WIC codecs have been installed. e.g.DNG, CRW etc.

  6. bangoker says:

    Mmm I put comments on many pictures as I rated them and organized them (tags) but when  I uploaded them t my live space, only a few of the pictures had the comments I had written in Live PhotoGallery, the others had the ugly file name… (DSC00…)

    Any reason why this happen? Someway to fix it?


    (oh by the way im having an interview for a summer intership, would love to go to your team (although games division is pretty tempting…..)


  7. anony.muos says:

    Startup time also seems to have increased a lot in RTW. Performance should be of major significance since all pictures open in Photo Gallery.

  8. johnthor says:

    Hi A V,

    What you are seeing is a feature.  We always create a photo-mail when emailing photos as it’s a rich experience for the consumer.  With a photo-mail there is no need to resize the image since the files aren’t stored in the recievers mailbox.  The reciever can download the highres image or view a slideshow online.


    John Thornton

    WLPG Program Manager

  9. Photography says:

    It seems good, but I wonder if there are any possibilities to resize photos?

  10. Vonlar says:

    Absolutely love what you guys have done.  When will we get to see an update to Live Photo Gallery with Flickr video support?