Create your own twins

Jordan Schwartz, ex-microsoftie and original creator of this blog checked in with a fun technique to try out in the new Live Photo Gallery.

I used the panoramic stitch feature of the gallery to make this picture, easier than monkeying with cloning in photoshop to get the same effect. The only trick is that you have to make sure the person you want to duplicate is sufficiently far from him/herself that you get overlap that doesn’t include the person. I found you need about a 1/3 of a photo width, but the pano guys would know better…

Thanks Jordan!

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Comments (2)

  1. dan.carter says:

    I used WLPG to make panoramas of some Grand Canyon photos taken this weekend, and it worked great. One of the easiest panoramic applications I’ve used.

    Thanks again for a great product.

  2. nikhilkh says:

    Nice idea..I should try it sometime! And the stitch feature is great in WLPG.