Creating Panoramic Stitches with the Windows Live Photo Gallery

Creating panoramic stitches in the Windows Live Photo Gallery is quick and easy.  Using technology from Microsoft Research, we’ve been able to integrate panoramic stitching into the Live Photo Gallery in a way that’s fast and automatic.  Check out the following screencast for a walkthrough of how to stitch a number of photos together into one composite.

Video: Live Photo Gallery Panoramic Stitching

When taking photos to create a panorama, remember to have at least 30% overlap between shots to get the best results.  Look for unique features in whatever you are photographing that you can use as common elements between neighboring photos.  If you are stitching a large number of high resolution photos, the task may take a while since it’s quite computationally intense, but the results are worth the wait!

– Karthik Anbalagan (Program Manager)

Comments (4)

  1. says:

    Hey I would like to one more feature suggestion. Currently, WLPG asks upon installation whether to associate with file types (JPG, TIF, PNG, WDP, PNG, ICO) but if I click no or yes and would later like to change that preference, there is no way to change it. Why don’t you include an configurable UI to change file associations, esp since the File Types tab has been removed from Folder Options in Vista? Also, since format support for WLPG is extensible using Windows Imaging Component, I installed a DNG codec the other day. Again, however, there was no way to associate the DNG files to open in WLPG. Though I did associate it manually from Default Programs in Control Panel, it skipped over the DNG and other RAW files when navigating through a folder containing mixed JPG and RAW/DNG images. So, please include a UI for associating all supported file types, including ones which are supported after a codec for that file type/image format is installed.

  2. LastDaysPhotography says:

    The panoramic stitcher in WLPG works pretty good. Photos are much more seamless as far as I can tell, than other stitchers I have tried out. I could see myself having some serious fun with this feature now that winter is coming up, creating some panoramic winter scenery and night-time holiday lighting photos. 😉

  3. simplegreen99 says:

    I LOVE this feature. It works better than any other stitcher I’ve ever used. But i’d like to report a bug to you guys.

    In my case I have used this feature before and it works fine. But i recently realized i was getting some blur in my shots from moving too quickly, so i slowed down my pan and obviously i take more shots.

    I am trying to stitch 48 pictures a total of 170 megs. When i do the process gets about 3/4 the way done to where it is asking me to select a file name. When i do the app bombs with the following:

    "Your computer is running low on memory and can’t complete the panoramic photo. Exit other programs and try again."

    The pc that im using is a 6 gig ram, quad core 2.6 ghz processor, no way im running short on ram (i also checked)

    Any ideas guys? mdlax1 {a|t} hot-mail (dot)com

  4. Mike Williams says:

    The UI is rather awful.

    After a rather uninspiring dialog pops up and sits there for a while, I have to save the result without seeing a preview. Then I’m told that it can’t make a panorama of the supplied picture, which were made in stitch-mode on my Canon G7, and which even my clunky old Canon Photostitch program had no problem with.