Sharing your photos on Flickr is seamless with Windows Live Photo Gallery

In my previous post I announced that we partnered up with the Flickr team on a slick new publishing feature in Windows Live Photo Gallery.  Our friends at Flickr also talked about it on their team blog.  This time I’d like to take a few more moments and go a little deeper into some of the details of the new feature and I created a short screencast to show how simple it really is!

First, we absolutely still believe that “the truth is in the file”.  As Scott Dart (Program Manager) put it in a previous post, “That means that metadata you apply to your photos is part of the photo, and available to any application that knows how to read it.”  We carried that forward to Windows Live Photo Gallery and the publish features, both Publish on Windows Live Spaces and Publish on Flickr.  We knew this was important to Flickr users so we made sure the feature didn’t remove that important data from your photos when you uploaded them to your account.  (Got more questions about metadata?  We have answers, here.)

Talking about is OK, but how about seeing it in action?!  Check out the screencast I made showing how smooth the flow is from Importing your photos off your camera to the photos being published on your Flickr page! 

Video: Demo: Windows Live Photo Gallery – Publish on Flickr

By the way, I published my .WMV on Soapbox using Windows Live Photo Gallery! 😉

For those that like screen shots, here’s the play by play:  If you’ve never used the Publish on Flickr feature, the first time you go to click on it in the Publish menu you’ll find it in the “More services” fly out.  The next time you return to the Publish menu, we’ll display it on the top level making it even easier for you to re-use it. 

After you click on the Publish on Flickr menu item for the first time, you’ll be asked to authorize Windows Live Photo Gallery.  Authorizing Photo Gallery simply means you allow it to access your account and upload photos to it.  You will only be asked to authorize each account once (per PC) and then you won’t have to bother again!

Clicking “Authorize…” on the above dialog will automatically open your web browser to the Flickr website where you’ll need to confirm whether you’ll allow the application to have access.  I’m assuming you will approve, or else no worky-worky for the Publish on Flickr feature!  😉  If it makes you feel better, Windows Live Photo Gallery is a trusted Flickr partner:

After authorizing the application on the Flickr site, you can close the web browser and return to Windows Live Photo Gallery to this dialog:

Authorization is done!  Clicking Next, gets you to the Publish dialog.  On the Publish dialog you can add or switch between multiple Flickr accounts, choose which set you want to upload to or create a new one, select a resize option if you don’t want to upload the original, and you can select the permission for your photos when they are published:

Assuming you click the Publish button, you’ll start uploading photos…  (*Power user tip* You can minimize the upload dialog and go on to other tasks, or queue up more photos to publish… queue up as many as you like!)

After the upload finishes we’ll let you know with a summary dialog and provide a one-click “View photos” option to quickly get to your newly published photos on Flickr…


So, there you have it.  What do you think?  We want to hear your feedback!  Thanks!

– Michael Palermiti (Program Manager) 

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  1. Vasudev says:

    Yes it has made very much convenient. WLPG is improving day by day by adding very good features.

    I had also blogged about the same few days back. Please check the link.

  2. snekse says:

    When is the 64-bit version of Vista going to stop getting treated like the red-headed stepchild?  I wanna play with your cool toys too.  Will the 64-bit version be supported when this first goes live?

  3. mfp2 says:

    Hi snekse, short answer: YES!  Soon, very soon.

  4. marypcb says:

    You might have already seen this in my comment to the earlier post but the date change on file rename is really stopping me being seamless. I have hundreds of photos I could work through really quickly if it wasn’t for this.

    (If I rename a photo then WLPG ‘loses’ it – any tags, rotations and other changes are lost and I can’t upload it to Flickr; with the upload I get a ‘try later’ error, with local functions I’m told that the file of the original name doesn’t exist.

    Hitting refresh on the gallery doesn’t help. If I go to the folder and open the image in WLPG and then Go to gallery I see both the original and the renamed image. The original has the tags I applied, the renamed image doesn’t and it shows up with today’s date not the date I took the photo. If I look in the EXIF via Properties the Date taken and Date acquired are correct as per the original but the Date created and Date modified are today – and that’s what WPLG seems to use to display them. If I use the option to change the time I took the photos it starts from today’s date rather than the date taken. I used OneNote to grab images that show all this if they help.

    The problem is not just the date issue itself – though I have lost confidence in the app; it’s the workflow. I want to go through a batch of photos, tagging and rotating and naming the ones I plan to upload to Flickr something better than Las Vegas (159). I have the sidebar gadget showing photos and when I see one that needs work or that I really like I can get it straight up to Flickr – but renaming the photo means I have to go in and out of WPLG like a revolving door. Please help!)

  5. Peaboy says:

    Is there a way to add other publishing plugins? I’d love to see one added for Community Server’s Gallery (ya know the thing that powers MSDN’s blogs).

  6. nathanreed says:

    I love Windows Live Photo Gallery’s integration with flickr — it’s great! However… I notice one of the same problems someone pointed out in comments on a previous blog post… For example, today, at 13:25, I published to flickr a bunch of pics I captioned and tagged earlier in the day (while I was on the road). When uploaded, flickr shows the "Date Taken" as today at 13:25 — when, in fact, they were taken yesterday (12/26) at 19:30 or so. I know the EXIF date is correct, the file’s creation date is correct… so I’m not sure what’s going wrong where… Perhaps it’s flickr? Anyone have any clues?

  7. anobis_911 says:

    Its simply awesome and what’s more the upload feature is even better than Flickr’s one upload tool,but I wish Windows Live photo Gallery comes out with a plugin for uploading to Picasa web albums as well as Skydrive.

    Guess that would take care of all the uploading problems and bid adieu to Picasa.

  8. rstocks says:

    I’ll join the call of a few other posters – let’s get this thing opened up to third party plugins!  I’m a big fan of Live Photo Gallery, but have no desire to use Live Spaces or Flickr.

    The existing publish / subscribe providers are already enumerated in the registry (under HKLMSOFTWAREMicrosoftWindows LivePhoto GalleryPubSubProviders), which tells me it’s provided by "C:Program FilesWindows LivePhoto GalleryWLXMediaPublishSubscribe.dll".  Surely this is pointing to the fact that plugins to other photo hosting (or whatever) sites are available?  All we need is an SDK…

    That said, there are already some hacks around to use the print providers mechanism to publish to web sites, but you lose the ability to do re-sizing before sending.

  9. munkay says:

    I’d like an sdk available as well. The fact that there is a "More Services" available is just asking for the ability to publish to more than just Flickr.

    Flickr’s great, but I have a significant amount of photos on Picasaweb, and I’d love to be able to bid goodbye to Picasa and publish straight to my Picasaweb album directly from Windows Live Photo Gallery.

    If an sdk IS available, I might even be inclined to write my own "Upload to Picasa" plugin.

    Give us an SDK!

  10. nedarb says:

    when can can we publish videos to flickr from Live Photo Gallery?