Do you use Flickr? Then check out Windows Live Photo Gallery (Beta)!

To all of those that asked for it on your own blog, posted comments on our blog or other blog postings, sent us email, or even stopped me on the streets (ok, maybe it hasn’t gone this far yet) asking us to enable Windows Live Photo Gallery to publish photos on Flickr, I want to say… We heard you and we’ve done something about it! 

I’m thrilled to announce that we’ve added the option to publish your photos on Flickr in the latest beta refresh version available today via Microsoft Update!  In fact, Windows Live Photo Gallery has received the stamp of approval from the super cool people at Flickr as a first-class application for uploading your photos to your Flickr account!  You can find the new option on the Publish menu.  I’ll be blogging more about the feature details very soon so check back here for lots more information. Check out the press release here
But wait, there’s more!  In addition to the brand new Publish on Flickr feature there are some other recent notable changes in this latest beta version:

  • Windows Live Photo Gallery no longer requires WDS (Windows Desktop Search) to be installed on XP!  Again, we heard the grumblings loud and clear, and took action! Once you have installed the update via Microsoft Update and have build 1299.1010 install you can uninstall WDS if you’re not using it with any other programs.

  • Being a beta, we’ve also fixed a ton of bugs reported by users so the product should be a lot more stable since the last beta release. 

Here’s how you get the latest Beta 2.2 refresh of Windows Live Photo Gallery:  If you are already using the Windows Live Photo Gallery beta, you will get the beta refresh as an update from Microsoft Update.  So, if you have automatic updates enabled from Microsoft Update you will get the latest version (Beta 2.2, build 1299.101) automatically.  If you have automatic updates disabled you will need to go to Microsoft Update ( to get the latest. 

Not running Windows Live Photo Gallery beta yet?  Go to to get the Beta 2 version and then check Microsoft Update to ensure you get the latest Beta 2.2 version with all of this new functionality announced today!
We hope you’re as excited as we are!  We’re looking forward to hearing more of your feedback and experiences. 

Michael Palermiti (Program Manager)

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  1. dan.carter says:

    Photo Gallery Team,

    I have been very impressed with Photo Gallery for Vista, the first Photo Gallery Beta, and now 2.2. Very well done.

    I use ACDSee Pro 2 and Photoshop Elements 6 for organizing photos, but am considering Photo Gallery as a replacement for both. Its simplicity and ability to write Tags to files transparently give me confidence I’ll be able to find them by Tag or Caption many years from now.

    My favorite improvements in 2.2 are its ability to maintain the sort I’ve selected, and most of all the ability to play MOV files. I’m sure I’ll find more as I continue to experiment.

    One thing I would like to see added is the ability to view more metadata than "Properties" provides. Maybe Microsoft Photo Info could be integrated into Photo Gallery?

    Again, thank you for a well done product…

  2. olafbrandt says:

    Photo Gallery Team,

    Thanks.  A dream come true to see two of my favorite photo tools / sites (Live Photo Gallery & Flickr) working well together.

    Comment: With each "Fix" operation I always get the popup notification about the automatic save and revert feature even when I ask to "Don’t show this message again."  This gets a bit annoying after touching up 100’s of photos.   Is this broke, or this some pilot error on my part?


  3. kkuphal says:

    I downloaded this beta and while the feature is great and it is wonderful to see you supporting Flickr, is there going to be support for incorporating tags during the upload?  I have been a long time user of Picassa and the feature that would make me switch would be excellent Flickr integration which is sorely lacking from most desktop products.


  4. mfp2 says:

    @ dan.carter: thank you!  Thanks for the feature request.  I’ll pass it along to the right team members.

    @ olafbrandt: Awesome!  I’ve sent mail to the some folks on the dialog that never sleeps.  Sounds like a minor bug, and we’ll investigate it asap.

    @ kkuphal: The Publish on Flickr feature, just like our Publish on Windows Live Spaces feature, support tags, captions, etc.  When you tag or caption something while working in Windows Live Photo Gallery and then publish it, that metadata flows with the file to the sharing service.  Different services display various amounts of metadata, of course.

    Everyone, thanks for using the latest beta!  Keep the feedback coming!

    Michael Palermiti

  5. kkuphal says:

    I spoke too soon.  It does indeed populate the tags field.  I don’t know why that didn’t happen with the first file I tried.  Thanks you!  You just got yourself a Picasa convert.  🙂

  6. mollyfud says:

    Thanks you very much for listening on this one. I am hoping other companies I am dealing with listen and act as promptly!


  7. cybernetnews says:

    One thing that I really hope you decide to integrate is the toolbar color selector like Live Writer and Live Messenger both have. I’m not a big fan of the bluish toolbar, and the default black one in Vista looks really nice. Other than that you guys (and maybe gals?) are doing a fantastic job on this. It’s definitely the best photo organizer that I’ve used now.

  8. dan.carter says:

    Photo Gallery Team,

    I’d like to second "toolbar color options". Adobe Lightroom, ACDSee Pro 2, and now Elements 6 have gone to very dark backgrounds which many users prefer.

    Relative to the above applications, I’d like to mention what I like best about Photo Gallery Beta on my XP system. It is very fast to load and browse! Photo Gallery loads in "3" seconds, ACDSee Pro 2 "19" and Elements 5 & 6 "35" seconds. Photo Gallery wins by a mile.

    Thanks again…

  9. anony.muos says:

    Firstly, thank you for a great product…Here are some more suggestions:

    1. Export and batch image export to common formats: JPEG, PNG, HD Photo, BMP, GIF.

    2. Ability to select multiple images from DIFFERENT folders.

    3. Regarding slideshow: My hardware is fully Aero/DX9 capable, but I have Vista Business. The Photo Gallery in that edition does not enable themes although the hardware is capable. I request MS to enable themed slideshows by hardware capability, not limited to certain SKUs.

    4. Support for dual monitors on slideshow.

    5. In slideshow/screensaver, add support for live photo streams (RSS).

    6. Features to create collages, posters, calendars, greeting cards, party invitations.

    7. Downloading from Flickr, Live Spaces and Facebook. The Flickr API is public.

    8. Publish to Facebook.

    9. More editing effects. Support for effects/processing plugins would ROCK!

    10. Ability to add/replace/remove color profiles from images.

    11. Rotate pictures and thumbnails to match the portrait/landscape orientation information present in most files, as most digital cameras now include this EXIF info.

    12. Integrate Photo Info with WLPG.

  10. jmoliver says:

    Very cool! I hope more online services are added soon… Just to add a feature suggestion – Geotagging Photos!

  11. rcm2276 says:

    Nice product!  I have one issue and since its still a BETA I thought I’d mention it.

    When I insert my  media card with pictures, the AutoPlay dialoge box opens.  When I select Import Pictures and Videos using Windows Live Photo Gallery it displays the following error message:

    This file does not have a program associated with it for performing this action.  Create an association in the Set Associations Control Panel.

    The import feature works fine from within Windows live Phot Gallery. The problem is specific to using the AutoPlay.  The auto play feature was working prior to installation of KB943550.  Hope this helps!

  12. tbp says:

    I’m really enjoying the Windows Live Photo Gallery except for one "little" thing that gets under my skin — not being able to remove the default folders. Is there any work to remove this limitation?

    For instance, I store lots of pictures in my Pictures folder because, they’re pictures. Such as wallpapers or little graphics, not photos. So they all show up in my Gallery and pollute the Date Taken and Tags views (plus I have to browse past them). I’d like my gallery to be rooted on my Photos and nothing else, nice and clean.

    Simply being able to remove the default folders would fix this. I can’t imagine it’s too difficult of a thing to add! Please consider it 🙂

  13. johnthor says:

    @tbp: The default folders aren’t removable in this version. 🙁  I hear your feedback though and this is something we will take into consideration for the next release.  Thanks so much for sending this feedback and using the beta.

  14. mollyfud says:

    Had a chance to play with it more. A suggestion I would add is the ability for you to map what Metatags on WLPG map to what Flickr items.

    Also, is there any thought of opening the interface so third parties can build there own interfaces to there sites (i.e. Zooomr or Youtube, etc).



  15. mfp2 says:

    Hi Molly, thanks for the suggestion, I’ll take note of it.  Today, the Flickr title is mapped to the filename, and the Flickr description is mapped to the file’s caption.  

    Your second question is something we’re looking into.

    Thanks for comments here and on! 😉


  16. jaxim says:

    Is there a way we can see a list of bugs/features currently being worked on so we don’t request features or report bugs that were already reported? Is there a way to already do this?

    Overall I would like to see this beta improve upon the work that was already done on the Media Browser/Photo Triage that was demoed way back in 2003 by a Microsoft department. The animated transitions in that software looked great. I also liked the ability to view your Media by dates in a dynamically created bar chart rather than just simply in outline form, as is currently being presented with this Beta. I also liked the concept of the multiple (drag-n-drop) photo wells in the 2003 demo. Are you considering implementing any aspects of that 2003 software?

  17. dan.carter says:

    I wonder if it would be possible to add a "Straighten" option to Fix. I find myself wishing for this feature often.

  18. Ramesh Srinivasan says:

    "Import pictures and videos" option does not work after updating Windows Live Photo Gallery Beta:

  19. anony.muos says:

    One important suggestion/fix I wish to give is Photo Gallery YET does not save the window size and position. I sometimes use XP’s Picture & Fax Viewer solely for the simple reason that it saves its resized position and window size, whether maximized or no. Please make Photo Gallery save the window size/position AND make it launch in maximized. At present, it never launched in maximized mode.

  20. mfp2 says:

    @ jaxim: Unfortunately, there is not a way to view a comprehensive list of bugs/requests.  If you were part of the Microsoft Connect program to be a beta tester, I believe you could view all bug reports reported by other beta testers.  The Media Browser concept you saw is very cool and from Microsoft Research.  We work with Research on various different areas and where it makes sense, we incorporate the concepts (great example: the new panorama feature in Windows Live Photo Gallery!).

    @ dan.carter: We hear you on this. 🙂  Thanks!

    @ someone: Thanks for all the feedback!  Your window size feedback issue is something I’m going to look into because on Vista I do start WLPG maximized and I’ve started it in various other sizes/positions and it remembers my last setting the next time I open it.  It sounds like you’re noticing this on XP so I’ll see what might be going on.  Thanks again!

    Thanks to everyone for all the awesome comments, feedback and suggestions!  Keep them coming.

    Michael Palermiti

  21. jaxim says:


    Thanks the response. I’m really excited to see what you guys implement next. I have high hopes for you guys.

    Can you tell me if you’re looking to implement any of these features:

    – The ability to view your Media by dates in a dynamically created bar chart rather than just simply in outline form.

    – multiple (drag-n-drop) photo wells so you can easily use a bunch of your photos scattered in a number of different folders/tags and easily create a photo album, burn a disk, etc?

    – cool animated transitions

  22. mfp2 says:

    Hey jaxim, I unfortunately can’t give away too much about our future plans but I can say we have done some thinking about a few of those concepts.  I’ll take note of this feedback. 🙂



  23. jmoliver says:

    Say I wish to Publish an HD Photo file to Flickr- Can the Publish to Flickr wizard automatically convert it to JPG prior uploading it to Flickr?

  24. jaxim says:

    – What about the ability to associate an image with a tag like Photoshop Elements can do? So when view the outline of your tags on the left pane, you’ll see little tiny thumbnails representing the tag.

    – What about having a dedicated "hidden" tag like Photoshop Elements, so you can hide you don’t want your inlaws to see. 😉

  25. singwei says:

    I found that my pictures under "Date Taken" View are sorted base on "Date Modified" in stead of Actual Date Taken.

    Is it an expected behaviour?

  26. mfp2 says:

    @ jmoliver: Yes!  You can select any photo file in Windows Live Photo Gallery and publish it to Flickr or Spaces.  They will automatically be converted to JPEG prior to upload.

    @ jaxim: I’m familiar with those tagging features.  Thanks for the feature suggestions.  

    @ singwei: Normally, this does not occur except for scenarios when the file was actually saved-as a new version of a photo using a different photo application.  For example, you used another photo app to edit a photo and then saved the edited version as a new file… at that point, the file created is a new file and date modified is used because the date taken field is likely blank.  How exactly are you modifying the file(s)?


    Michael Palermiti

  27. Guigon says:

    I’m trying to stop using Photoshop Elements 5 and I think Windows Live Photogallery is just perfect. But I have a big problem and no one can tell me the answer. Every time I run Windows Live Photogallery (spanish version 12.0.1193) in Windows XP SP2, it crashes after a few seconds. Some image thumbnails start to show but then quit. Sometimes the application just closes without an error message and sometimes the Windows XP error panel show an error with

    ntdll.dll. I can open an image from the Windows Explorer and load from there other images using the back or forward buttons, but when I switch to the

    gallery the app crashes. Any idea what’s going on?

  28. mfp2 says:

    Guigon, sorry to hear you’re experiencing that issue.  It sounds like you’re running an old beta build of Windows Live Photo Gallery.  Please make sure you get the latest beta version by visiting and installing the critical update.  The build should be 1299.1010 after the most recent update is installed.

    If that doesn’t resolve the issue, please use so that it may get the direct attention from our support team.



  29. Guigon says:

    Thanks for your comment Michael.

    It is true than I was running an old version (Microsoft Update downloaded the 1299.1010 yesterday) but the problem was independent from the version. There were some strange issues with certain photos that caused the errors. Doing some trial and error I discovered a folder full of pics without which the application run fine although I still don’t know what photo/s caused the error and why.

    I’m sorry commenting this in a post about the flickr support.

    Thanks a lot.

  30. singwei says:

    Hi Michael,

    My photos were taken on 2005. In March 2007, I added some tags to the photos. In June 2007, i moved the photos to the new hard drive. As the result, the photos’ created date were later then modified late.

    I checked the properties of the photos, Date Taken is 2005.

    In WL Photo gallery, it group my photos in Year 2007 under "Date Taken" category.

    If necessary, i can send you some photos for verification.

    Thank you.


  31. marypcb says:

    I’m having two similar issues that I think are related to Singwei’s issue.

    If I rename a photo then WLPG ‘loses’ it – any tags, rotations and other changes are lost and I can’t upload it to Flickr; with the upload I get a ‘try later’ error, with local functions I’m told that the file of the original name doesn’t exist.

    Hitting refresh on the gallery doesn’t help. If I go to the folder and open the image in WLPG and then Go to gallery I see both the original and the renamed image. The original has the tags I applied, the renamed image doesn’t and it shows up with today’s date not the date I took the photo. If I look in the EXIF via Properties the Date taken and Date acquired are correct as per the original but the Date created and Date modified are today – and that’s what WPLG seems to use to display them. If I use the option to change the time I took the photos it starts from today’s date rather than the date taken. I used OneNote to grab images that show all this if they help.

    The problem is not just the date issue itself – though I have lost confidence in the app; it’s the workflow. I want to go through a batch of photos, tagging and rotating and naming the ones I plan to upload to Flickr something better than Las Vegas (159). I have the sidebar gadget showing photos and when I see one that needs work or that I really like I can get it straight up to Flickr – but renaming the photo means I have to go in and out of WPLG like a revolving door. Please help!

  32. sony-alpha says:

    Thank you very much.

    Flickr very Good website