Windows Live Spaces updates

Today, Windows Live Spaces launced a bunch of new features, including Windows Live Events. You can read all about what’s new on the Spaces team blog.

Below is a re-print of the photo-specific features that were launched today:

Do more with your photos

With this release, we’ve made it easier to share photos using Spaces.


Here’s how:

  • Let your friends know about new photos you’ve added to your space. Click Send a link and you’ll get a formatted e-mail with links to your album – just add your friends and family to the “To:” line and click Send.


  • Put your photos and albums on other websites. Click Embed and then copy the web address or embed code and paste it into the appropriate location on the other site.
  • Blog about your own or other people’s photos. Click Blog it and a new blog entry is created automatically with the photo already in the entry. Just add your thoughts and click Publish entry.
  • No more downloading an entire album of photos one by one. Download all the photos in an album by clicking Download and then selecting Download album.
  • Share photos from your space on Facebook (only in some markets where Facebook is available)
  • For those wall-worthy shots, you can order prints online from HP Snapfish in 9 new markets including Australia, Belgium, France, Italy, New Zealand, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, and the UK.

Control who can see your albums

Want Mom to see the pictures from your hiking trip, but not the shots from your friend’s birthday? No problem! Now you can choose who can see which albums on your space.


Just go to an album and click Edit album. You’ll see what the current permissions are for that album. To change them, click Change permissions. (By default, all albums are set to use the same permissions as your space.)

Add photos to your blog entries

You can now add and resize photos directly in your blog entries to make a richer experience for readers.


Note: If you want more options for editing your Spaces blog entries, download Windows Live Writer. It’s free, and it makes it easy to compose, edit, preview, and post entries to Windows Live Spaces.

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Comments (4)

  1. says:

    Firstly, thank you for a great product…MS does listen to its customers. Here are some more suggestions:

    1. Export and batch image export to common formats: JPEG, PNG, HD Photo, BMP, GIF.

    2. Ability to select multiple images from DIFFERENT folders.

    3. Regarding slideshow: My hardware is full Aero/DX9 capable, but I have Vista Business. The Photo Gallery in that edition does not enable themes although the hardware is capable. I request MS to enable themed slideshows by hardware capability, not limited to certain SKUs.

    4. Support for dual monitors on slideshow.

    5. In slideshow/screensaver, add support for live photo streams (RSS).

    6. Features to create collages, posters, calendars, greeting cards, party invitations.

    7. Downloading from Flickr, Live Spaces and Facebook. The Flickr API is public.

    8. Publish to Facebook.

    9. More editing effects. Support for effect/processing plugins would ROCK!

    10. Ability to add/replace/remove color profiles from images.

    11. Rotate pictures and thumbnails to match the portrait/landscape orientation information present in most files, as most digital cameras now include this EXIF info.

  2. EmJayPrice says:

    Something else to consider is the way that you use jpg compression to resize the photos. I uploaded some to test it out and when you resize them the quality of the photo is drastically altered.

    Some option to be abel to control the size and quality would be greatly appreciated. It is this reason alone that is going to keep me on one of the 3rd party photo sites. Even if this was a premium feature.

  3. jigarme says:

    I dont know if others are also facing the same issue, but I am not able to see the images in the post!

  4. madboggar says:

    Hello, can you get the facebook function enabled in ireland on live spaces. I would like to use the fuction as i store all my photos on spaces..