Becoming an Online Print Wizard Partner

Windows Vista and Windows Live have a mechanism for printing providers to ‘plug-in’ and offer their printing services to users of these products. Users can use the service to find a printing provider, and upload their photos to them, where they can then complete their order for in-store pickup, or mail order of prints and/or printed goods (books, cards, mugs, gifts, etc.)

If you are a printing provider who would like to connect with users of the Photo Gallery, the process to participate in the program resembles the following:
1. Go Online
We have set up an online form at 
which you will need to fill out entirely.  At the bottom, when it asks for Select License to Request: you must choose Microsoft Online Print Wizard Application in the drop down at the bottom and select submit.  You should receive an application form within a few days of submitting this online form.

2. Apply
Once you receive the application form you need to fill it out completely.  This form contains important information that we must use to determine who will fit the criteria we have laid out for prospective partners.  Once you have completed this form please return it via email to  If you qualify for the program you will be notified and should receive the OPW agreement within 6 weeks.

3. Sign Contract
Once you receive the contract simply sign and return and this will start the onboarding process

4. Onboard
After the contract is received Microsoft will work with you to determine which onboarding window your OPW implementation will fit in.  At the time of writing, we believe that we will onboard partners in batches every 8 weeks.  A final schedule of your onboarding window will come once we have received your contract.

– JP Wollersheim

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