Finding your photos in the Live Photo Gallery

It’s hard to follow-up Michael’s flickr post, but someone has to do it so here it goes. We made some changes from the Vista Photo Gallery to the Live Photo Gallery in how you organize your photos.  One example of this is how we have pushed more organization into the import process.  The idea being that…


Don’t like the Photo Gallery? Come fix it!

If you’ve been reading this blog, you’ve probably got strong opinions of what you like and dislike in the products that our team works on: the Windows Live Photo Gallery, Movie Maker, and Windows Live Spaces. Love it or hate it, here’s your chance to make a difference. Come work with us! The Digital Memories…


Sharing your photos on Flickr is seamless with Windows Live Photo Gallery

In my previous post I announced that we partnered up with the Flickr team on a slick new publishing feature in Windows Live Photo Gallery.  Our friends at Flickr also talked about it on their team blog.  This time I’d like to take a few more moments and go a little deeper into some of…


Do you use Flickr? Then check out Windows Live Photo Gallery (Beta)!

To all of those that asked for it on your own blog, posted comments on our blog or other blog postings, sent us email, or even stopped me on the streets (ok, maybe it hasn’t gone this far yet) asking us to enable Windows Live Photo Gallery to publish photos on Flickr, I want to…


Windows Live Spaces updates

Today, Windows Live Spaces launced a bunch of new features, including Windows Live Events. You can read all about what’s new on the Spaces team blog. Below is a re-print of the photo-specific features that were launched today: Do more with your photos With this release, we’ve made it easier to share photos using Spaces….


Becoming an Online Print Wizard Partner

Windows Vista and Windows Live have a mechanism for printing providers to ‘plug-in’ and offer their printing services to users of these products. Users can use the service to find a printing provider, and upload their photos to them, where they can then complete their order for in-store pickup, or mail order of prints and/or printed goods (books,…