Windows Live Suite Public Beta!

Back in June, we announced a private beta of the new Windows Live Photo Gallery. We got a lot of great feedback from the beta testers, but now it’s time to get more people involved. This afternoon, we released a new build, and are opening it up for everyone to download and play with – come and get it!

You’ll find all of the features that we talked about in the private beta, but also a few new ones. But this isn’t just a beta of the Photo Gallery, it’s a beta of the whole Windows Live Suite. Chris Jones (my boss) posted a roundup of the Suite on the Windows Live Wire Blog. Chris Keating did a nice write-up of some of the new Photo Gallery features on the Spaces team blog as well. You can download the Suite here, and leave us your feedback here.

Stay tuned to this blog, we’ll be posting more detailed information over the coming days and weeks about all of the features in the new Live Photo Gallery Beta. I’m also adding a bunch of links to our sister teams in Live. If you want to know more about what they are up to, check out their respective team blogs as well…

– Scott Dart (Program Manager)

Comments (9)

  1. MrGroove says:

    Excellent!  Looking forward to a deep dive on the product.

  2. C-H says:

    I think it would be great, but I can’t test it with this PC. Why the hell Vista x64 isn’t supported?

  3. huttoner says:

    Yeah, I’m getting a little tired with the lack of 64 bit support from other developers (no compatible codecs from Canon for example) but for Microsoft to leave out support for 64 bit!?!?!  What the hell…. are they trying to discourage people to convert?

  4. pixblog says:

    From the release notes:

    64-bit is not supported for Beta 2

    Beta 2 does not support a 64-bit installation; however the final version of Windows Live will support 64-bit (with the exception of Family Safety). You have the choice of either continuing to run the Beta 1 versions of Windows Live or you can uninstall all Windows Live applications and reinstall the released versions. For more information see KB Article 938275.

  5. CharlyAR says:

    Hi guys. I downloaded and installed this little toy, but it seems that it *ONLY* shows my *SHARED* pictures and videos. And there is now way to see My Pictures and My Videos.

    I’m running WinXP SP2 32bits.


  6. pixblog says:

    Betun – Have you tried going to the file menu, and using the ‘Include a folder in the gallery…’?

    You should be able to select the folder that your photos and videos are stored in to add those to scope. You can add as many folders as you need.

    If that doesn’t fix your problem, please file a report at so we can investigate further


  7. CharlyAR says:

    Hi pixblog, thanks for your reply.

    Yes, I’ve already tried that, but Photo Gallery only says that "This folder or one of its parent folders is considered a system folder or marked as hidden. We recommend that you move your photos to another folder." (on both My Pictures and My Videos folders).

    I’ll file a report at feedback.

    Thanks again!

  8. CharlyAR says:

    Update: before filing a report, I took a look at the folders properties and found out that the folder had the System attribute. After removing it (from the command line), now it works ok.

    I still don’t know how it got the attribute.


  9. pixblog says:

    Betun – Glad that worked for you!

    We’ve seen that same issue pop up occasionally, and luckily it’s an easy fix (as you discovered).

    We’re just as confused as you are as to why/how some users’ Pictures folder is getting marked as a system folder. We suspect some rogue application out there is doing it (hopefully not one of ours!) but so far, we’ve been unable to catch it in the act!