Digital Pinhole Camera

I saw an interesting article from PC world on the MSN home page this morning about how to make and use a digital pinhole camera

I was reading it, and all I could think of was…why? But then the article went on to explain:

Why do this? Well, it’s fun, and it’s a completely unexpected way to use your digital camera.

In addition, your pinhole camera is a good prop to use for teaching kids about the basic physics of photography. Try making several foil body cap inserts with different-sized holes. You can demonstrate how the smaller the hole, the sharper the image–but also the darker the preview, and the longer the necessary exposure. An infinitely small hole would give you perfectly focused results, but the exposure time would be lengthy, since only one photon of light could get through to the sensor at a time.

Fair enough! There’s even a contest you can enter.

– pixblog

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