Microsoft Pro Photo Summit

Today and tomorrow, Microsoft is hosting the 2007 Pro Photo Summit here in Redmond, WA. The event is run by the Pro Photo group at Microsoft, a team focused on technical evangelism in the imaging community. Today also marks the launch of the newly designed Microsoft Pro Photo site and team blog. Check out their site to keep up with what Microsoft is doing in the professional photography arena. We’ll continue to cover items of interest to the general consumer, and we’ll cross-post items that we think are interesting to both.

The morning, the summit started off with a keynote speech by Microsoft CTO David Vaskevitch, followed by an hour during which speakers came up and had only 3 minutes to wow the audience with their technology (all such dog and pony shows should be limited to 3 minutes, it really focuses the demos!) Microsoft research had a few demos, but there was also a representative from Adobe showing off some of the new functionality in their recently released Lightroom v1.1, and a great demo of some cool-looking slideshow software called ProShow Producer.

Following the demos we had a lively panel discussion on ‘the need for speed’. Pro Photographers are all about speed. Time they spend at the computer is time spent away from making photos. Computer hardware and software are necessary tools to getting the job done, but the industry has a long way to go to streamline the workflow for photographers.

Before we broke for lunch, Mike Tedesco announced the newest additions to Microsoft’s Icons of Imaging group, and Jeff Greene handed out the awards to this years winners of the Microsoft Future Pro Photographers contest.

More later…

– Scott Dart (program manager)

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