Nikon Codec Updated

The issues with the Nikon RAW codec that we reported last week were due to an expired certificate. The issue has been addressed, and the updated codec can be downloaded from the Nikon Website.

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Comments (3)

  1. imfnet says:

    Any ideas when a Vista64 version of the codec will be released? I have been able to view the RAW images on my Vista Ultimate 64 laptop but only using Photoshop CS2. This in turn does not keep the meta data as it saves any and all images as a psd. =o(

  2. AquariusMichael says:

    Thanks for all of your efforts on this issue. I have downloaded and installed Nikon RAW Codec 1.01 from Nikon website when the issue occured, this codec did not help to remove the error, Photo Gallery still cannot open Nikon NEF files. By comparing the codec from Nikon website, there are the same which released on February 5, 2007. The issue persists, is there a way to make Photo gallery work again? Thank you for your help, any ideas on this issue is highly appreciated.

  3. Photography says:

    Hi imfnet!

    Maybe the best way to get knowed it is sending this question to Nikon. I’ve heard somting like in Oktobar 2007.