Nikon Codec Issues

We’ve received reports from several users that the Nikon NEF codec has stopped working for them in the past few days. Microsoft is investigating this issue with Nikon, and we’ll perovide an update when we have more information


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  1. moosey says:

    …due to an expired key certificate (11-May-2007)?. Tut tut.

  2. moosey says:

    Updated codec (with same name) has been uploaded yesterday with an updated certificate. OK for another year….

  3. AquariusMichael says:

    Many of my friends come up with the same problem. We are using Windows Photo Gallery to open NEF files, but a few day ago, photo gallery prompted to download and install Nikon codec, after that I can not open NEF files. Formerly, we have not installed Nikon codec. after the issue occurred, we are trying to install Nikon codec 1.01, but the issue still persists.

    Is this a bug? Is there some other way to resolve this issue?

    Now, I am using Nikon Capture to work around this issue. But one of my friend insists on using Photo Gallery. Is there some a way to make Photo Gallery work again.

    Any suggestion will be appreciated.

    Thank you for your help.


  4. moosey says:

    Should be working ok, have you re-downloaded the codec off the Nikon website after 18-May-07 (the installer with the new certificate used the same filename)?

  5. Photography says:

    I haven’t had this problem, but will update it.