Pentax RAW codec released

Yesterday, Pentax released a Windows Vista codec for their .PEF RAW image format.

This format is used by the following Pentax cameras: *ist D, *ist DS,*istDS2, *istDL, *istDL2 ,K100D, K10D

More information can be found on the Pentax website

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Comments (4)

  1. Elja Trum says:

    Just like the others, Pentax has only release a version for the 32 bits version of Windows Vista. The support for the 64 bits version seems to be seriously problematic?

    Vista’s attempt to promote the 64 bits system for professionals can no longer be taken seriously with all this lacking support.

    Is there any information on wether support for 64 bits codecs will appear in near future?

  2. Will this CODEC work with XP?  I have the old RAW Viewer installed, but it didn’t support the Pentax.  Will installing this CODEC make the XP RAW Viewer work?

  3. Photography says:

    I’ve never tried to install this codek to XP, but I think it should be work! If not work ,then try to download XP service pack III.