Canon RAW Codec for Vista release

Canon has released their RAW codec for Windows Vista.  To download it:

  • Visit

  • Category = “EOS (SLR) Camera Systems”, Product Type = “Digital EOS Cameras” and then choose your camera model from the third dropdown

  • Click Go

  • Click the “Drivers / Software” link at the top of the page

  • Choose the Canon RAW Codec  1.0

  • Download and run the executable

The codec will support .CR2 RAW files, but not .CRW files.  It includes support for the following cameras:

  • EOS-1Ds Mark II

  • EOS-1D Mark III

  • EOS-1D Mark II N

  • EOS-1D Mark II

  • EOS 5D

  • EOS 30D

  • EOS 20D



  • EOS Kiss Digital X



  • EOS Kiss Digital N

– pixblog

Comments (11)

  1. anony.muos says:

    Earlier I’d read somewhere that Photo Gallery can export to any image format. Is this true? I didn’t find any export capabilities. Also, can you upload photos to online photo sharing sites?

  2. stekar says:

    Installed it two days ago and seems to work great.

    I now have all of the RAW Codec installed from Oly to Nikon and Canon.

    Question: I thought that this new RAW file approach built-into Vista would allow applications other than Photo Gallery to render such file formats. However, Picasa does not: purple color layer thumbnails.

  3. Elja Trum says:

    It’s also worth noting this codec is only available for the 32 bits version of Vista. On my Vista 64 bits it won’t install. 🙁

    Is there any information available on how long the 64 bits users will have to wait? No 64 bits and no CRW files; a disappointing release from Canon..


  4. Since I have been running Vista for a while now I never made much use of it’s Gallery as it was unable

  5. bdj6020 says:

    Any chance on actually getting support for .crw files?

  6. Windows Vista has a redesigned approach to handiling RAW image files produced by digital cameras. Recently,…

  7. Photography says:

    I’ve download codec for 400D but it doesn’t work.

    Any sugesstion?

  8. David Blake says:

    We are working on a codec for CR2 on Vista x64.

  9. sony-alpha says:

    Thank you very much. this site has provided me with an understanding of Canon RAW Codec for Vista release

    , It’s just what I was looking for!