Digital Image Suite and Windows Vista

We’ve been getting a lot of questions lately about Digital Image Suite, and how it works with Windows Vista.

Mike writes:

Hey guys…  I have been reading your blog trying to get some info on how keywords are handled in Vista Photo Gallery. I have been using Digital Image Suite Library 2006 (and earlier versions) for quite some time. I have 20gigs of photos all with keywords.

I would like to be using the “standard” for storing these keywords on my photos and it seems, from reading your blog that XMP is the way to go…

So my questions are:

1. Does Vista Photo Gallery read the DIS2006 keywords and convert them to XMP format?

2. If not, is there a way to do this in a batch job? (I just want to click a button and have it fix all of my pictures)

3. Should I be worrying about this at all?

4. Is there going to be a future version of DIS2006?  And if so will it batch convert all my keywords to the XMP format?

I know you may not be able to comment on future products, but PLEASE help me out on XMP and my DIS keywords.

To answer your questions Mike, the Windows Vista Photo Gallery does read keywords from DIS2006 and display them as tags in the Gallery. The tags will not be re-written to XMP unless you make changes that cause the metadata to be re-written to the file. There is no way to force this operation to happen (other than tagging your images). You could pretty easily add a single tag to all of your files, wait for that tag to be written to all of the files, and then later delete that tag.

One question that you didn’t ask about is whether or not tags written by the Vista Photo Gallery will be viewable in DIS. The answer is no (for DIS2006). Although Vista can read the ‘legacy’ metadata format, DIS2006 does not know how to read the Vista metadata. However, there is a new version of Digital Image Suite – the Anniversary Edition. This updated version can read and write metadata in the same format as Windows Vista.

One important thing to note about DIS is that the ‘flags’ are not written back to the files like the keywords are, so they will not be read by Windows Vista (which does not have the ‘flags’ feature).

– Jason Flaks (Program Manager)

Comments (4)

  1. Thriol says:

    Since I upgraded to Windows Vista, all metadata saved by DIS2006 has been corrupted (flattenened and partly removed) for all my pictures. I restored my backup, but after a couple of days it was all changed again.

    I think it was Media Player on Vista that did this. I have now excluded the Picture directory from the Library of Media Player, and it hasn’t happened since.

    How does Media Player handle this meta data? To me it seems to be some kind of snag here.

  2. Fish says:

    How does Vista determine that you have images in a DIS database?  Let’s say I have DIS 2006 installed on my XP machine, and I now buy a new machine with Vista.  Do I have to install DIS on my Vista machine, copy across the .pd3 file, launch Photo Gallery, add a tag to each image to force Vista to resave all the metadata and then remove DIS from my machine?  Or is there a way to tell Vista, hey, here is my .pd3 file, go ahead and grab all the metadata from it?

  3. Photography says:

    Hi Thriol !

    There is one thing you can make before every system changing and that is backuping. I suggest you to make archive about your pictures (for example rar) and than tiring to find the problem!