Canon 1D & 1Ds RAW File Issues

Important note to users of Canon 1D & 1Ds RAW files on Windows Vista

There is an issue with Canon RAW files that end in .TIF (which are limited to 1D & 1Ds cameras) on Windows Vista systems that do not have the Canon RAW codec. If a user adds metadata to one of these files, using the Windows Photo Gallery or the Windows Explorer, the file will be corrupted. This is because the Canon RAW files from these particular camera models appear to be standard TIFF files, and the Windows Imaging Component invokes the standard TIFF codec to handle them. The RAW files, while appearing to conform to the TIFF spec, are interpreted differently by the Canon Raw codec, and so the TIFF codec cannot handle them properly. The Photo Info tool is not impacted.

Microsoft and Canon have identified the issue and are testing a patch to address the problem. We will provide download information once the patch is released. In the meantime, it is recommended that users not import or add metadata to their 1D or 1Ds RAW files ending in .TIF using the Windows Photo Gallery or the Windows Explorer. Canon will be releasing their RAW codec for Windows Vista soon. When you install the Canon RAW codec, the Windows Imaging Component will invoke the Canon codec to handle these files correctly.

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  1. ampspeed says:

    先日はNikonのRAWデータが破壊される話を書きましたが・・・ 今度はなんと一…

  2. NGOphotographer says:

    This will more than likely also be a problem with other digital cameras that use .tif for their RAW format, such as, Phase One.

  3. Photography says:

    I’m affraid that you are right  "NGOphotographer"!