RAW Codecs from Sony and Olympus are available

In the past week, we’ve seen Vista RAW codecs introduced from both Sony (SRF and SR2 files) and Olympus (ORF files).

The Photo Gallery ‘check for updates’ feature will take you to a page with links to the downloads, or use the above links.

– pixblog

Comments (5)

  1. stekar says:

    PhotoGallery shows a thumbnail with no picture for my .ORF files (default scenery thumbnail pic I believe) but when I try to open it I get:

    "The file appears to be damaged or corrupted" from PhotoGallery."

    Usually, PhotoGallery does not even show a RAW file if it does not know about it. For instance, none of my Canon .CR2 files show-up (waiting anxiously for Canon to release their Codec)

    Nikon .NEF files work fine though.

    p.s. I’ve removed and re-installed OlyCodec twice already…

    Any other users experiencing the problem?

  2. Elja Trum says:

    The Sony code will not install because the operating system is ‘incompatible’. Perhaps the Sony codec is only available for the Vista 32 bit version and not the 64 bits?

    The Nikon codec didn’t work on my system neither. I hope the Canon codec will be working from the start. 😉


  3. Photography says:

    There are a couple of problems around vista 32 and 64. We have to survive this initial period of vista

  4. sony-alpha says:

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