Nikon RAW codec issues

Important note to users of the Nikon RAW Codec for Windows with Nikon RAW files: We have received reported compatibility issues with their Nikon NEF files after installing Nikon’s RAW codec. Tagging the RAW files through Windows Vista or the Photo Info tool appears to cause these files to become unreadable in other  applications, such as Adobe Photoshop. We have confirmed that these files can still be opened with Nikon Capture.
Nikon and Microsoft are investigating the issue, and we will post an update when we have more information. In the meantime, we suggest that you exercise caution with your Nikon RAW files. If you plan on tagging them, make a backup of the file first, and verify that the tagged file continues to work with your other applications before proceeding.

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  1. heaths says:

    When they do re-post their new installer, can you have them actually make it install and not just extract? And especially not a protected location like %WINDIR%System32 by default?

  2. moosey says:

    After leaving a comment on your blog I submitted details to Nikon Customer services. Their response (credit to the speed of reply) was (names excluded):

    "If the images are imported via Picture Project 1.7.5 this problem should not occur (see below to download PP 1.7.5)

    Title: PictureProject 1.7.5 Full Version – Windows


    Kind Regards

    Nikon Europe Support"

    However be wary as this is not a full solution as:

    1. If you are using Nikon Capture NX to edit and save back out a NEF both Picture Project and Windows Photo Gallery will not be able to provide full quality picture previews.

    2. There is still some undesirable tagging behaviour going on when Photo Gallery picks up on the presence of new files in your "Pictures" area after the first edit with Capture NX.

  3. Important note to users of the Nikon RAW Codec for Windows with Nikon RAW files: We have received reported compatibility issues

  4. Nikon has released a codec (coder/decoder), enabling the new Vista Operating System to read Nikon RAW/NEF files natively. All Nikon DSLRs from the original D1 onwards are supported, as is all Coolpix cameras capable of writing RAW file output; namely..

  5. moosey says:

    Last posting on this issue: after living with the codec for over a week on the test PC the two hard and fast rules are:

    1. Do not use Vista’s camera/scanner wizard to transfer files into your "Pictures" area and tagging/header mangling will occur. Either manually create a folder in your "Pictures" area and manually copy the files, using explorer/command prompt, off the card into the new folder OR use a third party downloader/code your own script/autoplay handler to automate.

    2. Do not start an edit of the NEF using Capture NX from Windows Photo Gallery and overwrite the the original (or even save a new file in the "Pictures" location) as tagging/header mangling will follow. Open the NX and browse for the file or use Windows Explorer and open the file from there.

    Otherwise it’s great to see the NEFs correctly rendered in full preview mode using the camera’s settings at the time! Good job Nikon. As for the speed it looks good but why does it sit there for a few more seconds after the high quality preview has loaded burning idle clock cycles and displaying the loading indicator…

  6. mrjamesbound says:


    That’s a big joke! When Vista Photo Gallery appear, it pop-up a dialog box to tell me that there is a codec update for Nikon, but when you download that codec and try to install it it say: that the codec is incompatible with the OS… hehehe f… ass… h… big joke…

    They say Vista, but Microsoft never told them that there was also a Vista 64… But M$ want do money and approved the full Vista compatibility of Nikon… gang of poor Japanese old timers…  

  7. Photography says:

    As I said at another message, there are some problems around the vista 32 and 64. Incompatible programs, errors etc. We have to survive this period. Remember when comes up Windows XP, there were many incompatible problems at te beginig.

  8. moosey says:

    Oh good, other people experiencing the same even on 32-bit Vista. Oh well, sit and wait again till the next codec release…