FAQs from the booth at CES

We’ve been working the booth at CES for two days now. Over those last two days, we’ve talked to A LOT of customers, and answered A LOT of questions. Naturally, some of the same questions come up over and over again. So we figured that this would be a good forum to share some of the questions that we have been hearing often, since a lot of people who couldn’t make it to the show probably have the same questions.

What’s new in Windows Vista?
This is the easiest question that we get. At our stations in the booth, we’re all showing the Windows Photo Gallery, which is pretty much all new functionality for Windows. Even for those features that had equivalents in XP (e.g. Movie Maker, Printing), most of the users that I’ve talked to either weren’t aware that they existed on XP, or had never used them because they were hard to find or too poorly integrated. The Photo Gallery goes a long way towards correcting these problems by bringing all of your photo and video tasks together into one place. So far, the reaction from everyone I’ve talked to on the show floor has been very favorable.

Is the Photo Gallery included with Vista, or do I have to buy something extra to get it?
The Photo Gallery is included as part of Vista. You don’t have to buy, download, or install anything extra, it comes installed as part of Windows Vista. The only caveat to this is that the DVD burning features are only available in the Home Premium and Ultimate editions of Windows Vista.

What are the different editions of Windows Vista?
The Microsoft web site has a page that describes the differences better than I can (including pricing information). I expect that most people will get Home Premium for their personal use, and will use one of the business editions at work. For the person who has everything – there’s the Ultimate edition that combines all of the features from all of the editions.

Is my machine ready for Windows Vista?
Download the Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor to find out:

When will Windows Vista be available?
January 30th, 2007

How do I get into the Windows Vista party at CES?
Sorry, you’re on your own for that one…

If your question isn’t answered above, ask away – we’re here to help!

– Scott Dart (Program Manager)

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  1. pcolmer says:

    When will RAW support under Vista be available?

  2. mrmckeb says:

    How long will it be before we get to see a major update to Movie Maker? No offence, but it hasn’t changed a great deal…

  3. Photography says:

    Yes it’s a great question "pcolmer"! I think we have to wait some time.