Windows Vista Ships!

You may have heard that Windows Vista officially shipped last week! Last week’s event was what we call ‘release to manufacturing’ (RTM). That means that our work is done, and the code is in the hands of the computer OEMs, who are now working hard to get new Vista systems on the shelves by January 30th, 2007.

What better way to mark this occasion than to throw a party? A LOT of people worked on Windows Vista, so finding a venue to host the party must have been a challenge. The November weather in Redmond certainly didn’t make things any easier. So last Friday, we all made the trek over to one of the parking garages on the Microsoft main campus that had been commandeered by the ship party planners.

In addition to the usual food, drink, and music, there were some surprises, like running into Jeannine Johnson and her drag racer, as well as speeches from some of our executives, like Jim Allchin, Kevin Johnson, and Bill Gates!

Now that the party’s over, it’s time to get back to work. We’re not at liberty to tell you what we’re working on next, but rest assured, we won’t run out of interesting work in the digital memories space any time soon.

– pixblog

Comments (4)

  1. atkulp says:

    Great work on Photo Gallery!  I’ve really been enjoying it so far.  My biggest question at this point, is how to adjust the JPEG compression level when saving copies of images.  It appears to compress much more than I’d like.  Is there a registry entry, or better yet a place to change the settings?


  2. pixblog says:

    The JPG compression level when saving should be 90%. At this time, this is not a user-configurable option.

  3. Photography says:

    You are right "pixblog", but Vista do it on the completely different way! Just try it and you’ll notice what I said.