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We’ve added a link in our sidebar to Bill Crow’s Windows Media Photo blog. In his own words:

The purpose of this blog is to provide information and updates on Windows Media Photo, answer questions, provide technical assistance and stimulate open conversation.  I expect there will be a wide range of topics ranging from technical details for developers to far more general discussions about photos, color, workflows and best practices for photographers and photo enthusiasts.


Windows Media Photo is a new still image file format, introduced with Windows Vista and available for cross-platform adoption.  Windows Media Photo supports a wide range of pixel formats, including high dynamic range, wide gamut formats in fixed or floating point, up to 32 bits per pixel.  It provides native support for RGB, grey, CMYK and n-Channel, including planar or interleaved alpha channels.  The advanced compression technology offers the option for either lossless or very high quality lossy compression.  Windows Media Photo supports all current metadata standards and formats, and provides excellent performance, enabling efficient use in embedded applications. 

 We encourage you to check it out for more information on this new imaging file format.

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  1. gannotti says:

    Was just over to his site and am very excited about the pending format. I am very excited to see all the work Microsoft is doing around imaging. I found this site off of his site and have now set up a link to here as well. Keep up the good work!