Known Windows Photo Gallery Issues in Beta 2

Thank you all for using the Windows Photo Gallery and for helping us make it better!  I’d like to list some of the known issues in the Photo Gallery in this post, so if you happen to see any of them, rest assured that we’re still working on getting them resolved for the final product.


Some Adobe RGB images may have unusual colors – there are some cameras that tag images as Adobe RGB without actually embedding an Adobe RGB profile.  When we encounter such a file, since we can’t get the color profile from the file itself, we’ll check the system’s color profile directory.  If the correct profile is not installed, the colors may appear incorrect.  To fix this issue, you can download and install the Adobe RGB profile for free from Adobe’s website (


Certain types of metadata in JPEG images may be lost – The JPEG specification calls for metadata to be stored in 64KB blocks known as APPn blocks.  For metadata elements greater than 64KB multiple 64KB APPn blocks of the same type are used to store the entire metadata element.  Windows Vista does not support processing multiple APPn blocks of the same type at this time, so single metadata elements in JPEG images that are greater than 64KB may be lost when a file is updated or re-written.  The most common case of this occurs when large color profiles are embedded in an image file.  There is no workaround for this issue at this time.  Note that any metadata element less than 64KB in size is not affected by this issue.  While this issue is fairly uncommon, we recommend that you keep a backup of your photos.


Makernote metadata field is offsetCamera manufacturers embed device-specific, proprietary information in a metadata field known as the Makernote field.  Some manufacturers’ Makernote information is dependent on the location of the Makernote field within the file.  When the user acquires or tags images using Windows Vista the Makernote field can be moved within the file.  This is allowed by the EXIF specification.  For some manufacturers’ Makernotes, this change in location of the Makernote field invalidates the offsets that are location dependent.  When Windows Vista moves the Makernote field, it will also write out (in the file) the offset by which the data was moved so that new and updated applications will be able to access all of the information in the Makernote field.  This offset is not written out in Beta 2.  Makernotes will continue to be moved in the shipping version of Vista.


Visual artifacts in the Viewer when using S3 Deltachrome graphics card – you may see visual artifacts when panning your photos in the Viewer if you’re using an S3 Deltachrome graphics card.  Your photo is not corrupted; this is a known issue with the graphics card driver and we are working with S3 on a fix.


The ‘Burn’ button does nothing – clicking the burn button either on the Taskbar or from the Gallery does nothing when there is no disc inserted in the drive.  We are working on a fix for this issue.


Burned disc takes a while to eject after pressing the eject button – when writing to a disc using the UDF format, the session closes automatically on eject.  The delay you may experience between pressing eject and actually have the disc eject is because the session is being closed.  We have recently added messaging notifying users that the session is being closed to help clarify the delay.


Images may appear distorted while running the Slideshow on widescreen monitors – some images will appear “stretched out” when viewing a slideshow on a widescreen monitor.  This is an issue that we’ve fixed in recent builds.


Slideshow alters screen resolution – some of the rich Slideshow themes in Windows Vista require more resources from your graphics card.  In order to enable a good viewing experience across a wide set of hardware, we scale down the resolution based on graphics processor resources.  This change in resolution lasts for the duration of the Slideshow and returns to your original settings once you have exited the Slideshow.


RAW files don’t show up – currently, there aren’t any RAW codecs available for Windows Vista.  We are actively working with camera manufacturers to get these codecs developed and released.  Codecs will be available for download from camera manufacturer websites when released.


Online Print Wizard doesn’t have any service providers – we are continuing to work with multiple service providers so that there will be many options available when the final product ships.  Some beta providers should be listed before August.  Watch this blog for announcements when they launch.


Thanks again for using the Windows Photo Gallery and submitting such great feedback!  As we become aware of issues we’ll be sure to post them here, so keep checking back for updates.